Hot Chocolate Chocolate

A selection of the world's finest single origin chocolate couvertures with unique flavours representative of their varietal and terroir types. They are delicious to eat, no two flavours are alike and they make the best hot chocolate you could dream of!

The simplest way to make it is to use 25g of chocolate to 150ml of milk of your choice and microwave for 2 minutes, stirring after 1. If you want to add froth just use a securely lidded shaker or milk steamer if you have one. 

Drink your way around the world of cacao!

  1. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 47% ruby chocolate with notes of red fruit, cream and yogurt.
  2. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 70% dark chocolate with hints of apricot, red fruits and black tea.
  3. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 75% dark chocolate with tones of orange, spice and toffee.
  4. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 72% dark chocolate with floral hints and notes of treacle and spice.
  5. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 80% dark chocolate with notes of jam, cherry and gianduja.
  6. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 72% dark chocolate with intense flavours of treacle and dark fruit.
  7. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 43% milk chocolate with notes of caramel, hazelnut and vanilla.
  8. Vietnam Dark Dragon Chocolate Buttons 73% 200g
    Out of stock
    Tasting Notes: 73% dark chocolate with hints of molasses, mocha and truffle.
  9. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 45% milk chocolate with tones of mocha, caramel and sweet dates.