Bailu White Heron Black Tea
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An incredibly fragrant tea with smooth, lilac, cocoa, cherry and honey notes.
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This is another of Taiwan's complex black teas and along with the others is one of the highest quality teas made anywhere in the world. The tea is produced on a cultivar recognised by the Taiwan Tea Research Station as Number 17 or Egret. It is a unique and incredibly aromatic variety expressing fruit and floral fragrances. It is a supremely smooth infusion with a lasting fruity aftertaste. Some tasting notes are lilac, violet, dried fruits, Turkish Delight, honey sweet, spiced, cranberry, maraschino cherry, golden raisin, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, mandarin, tamarind, orchid, lychee, pomelo and cocoa. Our supplier Mr Hsu, is always surprising us by producing black tea from tea types normally made into oolong, or part oxidised tea, and this is a great addition to Ruby, Blue Heart, Ever Spring, Buddha's Hand, Golden Lily and Honey Hon Cha.

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Leaf GradeHandmade Strip
StrengthMedium, Flavoury Black Tea
Use Milk?Optional
Brew Time2-5 mins depending on milk usage.
Water Temperature100⁰c
Number of Infusions1-3 depending on milk usage