Bi Luo Chun Spiral of Spring Jade Green Tea
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A new, deliciously sweet-flavoured green tea made by hand in beautiful Sansia, Taiwan. A real rarity but more highly valued for its qualities in the cup. It is full of tea pleasure, the infusion is honey green colour, its taste is fresh, sweet, creamy, natural with hints of ripe mango. For those looking for a high-quality green tea with lots of goodness, it is time to try our newest arrival.
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This tea was made for us at the Spring Equinox. This is the time to begin the harvest of the most prized qualities of spring teas, which lasts until Tomb Sweeping Day near the end of March. This tea known as Bi Luo Chun tea is grown in Sansia in Taiwan. It thrives in Taiwan due to the cold but humid and foggy, drizzly weather and poetic landscape. Bi Luo Chun refers to the tea leaves, which are said to resemble the curl of a seashell from its shape. We translate it as Spiral of Spring Jade. In Taiwan, there are not many kinds of teas like Bi Luo Chun made due to the fact that these early leaves are normally left to mature to satisfy the demand for beautiful Oolong teas made there. It is made from the Chin Sin Gan Tze varietal of the tea plant, a small leaf plant, fragrant, with a sweet taste and beautiful shape. The name of Chin Sin Gan Tze is coming from the inwardly curled shape of tea leaf looking like that of the leaf of Citrus plants. It only grows in the area of Sansia. It is full of tea pleasure, the infusion is a honey green colour, and its taste is fresh, sweet, natural and reminiscent of mango.

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Leaf GradeHandmade Curly
StrengthLight Green Tea
Use Milk?No
Brew Time2 mins
Water Temperature70-80 c
Number of Infusions1-2