Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee.
 The series 'SLOW COFFEE STYLE' was born to bring you the taste of coffee brewed by the pour-over method with the relaxed passage of time. This simple method is a favourite amongst coffee connoisseurs as it really highlights unique characteristics found in speciality coffee. Most of the equipment we carry is manufactured by premium Japanese brand Kinto. Kinto is inspired by the passion of craftsmen seeking the best materials thoughtfully crafting, and carefully finessing to create items of distinguished character for deeper, richer coffee time.

  1. £39.00
    Every coffee farmer I've ever met has said that the best method to discover the complete flavour of coffee is by drip filter or a jug and strainer. Here's a gadget that encompasses the best of both ways. Simply place the ground coffee in the hi-tech double skinned stainless steel mesh, so no need for filter papers and slowly pour on the water.
  2. £19.00
    This simple yet ingenious gadget reminds me of a magic trick. Place the tea or coffee in the mug, add boiling water and leave to brew for the required amount of time. The infuser can even be carried around without spilling a drop until it is placed on top of a cup or mug and the infusion drains into the vessel below. Lift it up it stops, put it down it starts again.
  3. Mico Drip Brew Coffee Set
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    Mico is a new set of lab gear for your coffee experiments. It's a simple & eminently functional pour over coffee maker that is all about good coffee.
  4. Mico-Ice Cold Brew Coffee Set
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    Mico-Ice is a new set of lab gear for your coffee experiments. Firstly let's say you can also make hot coffee with this using the slow pour over method. It's a simple & eminently functional pour over coffee maker that is all about good coffee. It holds 450ml.
  5. OCT 4 Cup Slow Coffee Maker
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    The rim of the OCT coffee brewer draws a large curve, creating a distinctive silhouette. The brewer can be held easily without a handle, and it is designed so that placing and removing the paper filter is simple. The lustrous texture and the sleek form make the item perfect for displaying as interior items even when not in use. This size can make 4 cups.


  6. £16.00
    OCT is a coffeeware collection featuring clean lines and beautiful contours designed by Kinto of Japan. The handle of the jug looks geometrical and is comfortable to hold. This is the suggested companion piece for the OCT 4 Cup Slow Coffee brewer. It is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass.


  7. £68.00
    The syphon method has been a round for a long time and has now made a resurgence as people look for better ways to attain the perfect cup of coffee. Two glass globes one sitting on top of the other have a re-usable filter between them to prevent coffee grounds returning to the bottom pot. Water in the lower globe is forced through heat into the upper globe where the ground coffee is contained. Heat removal after brewing will create a vacuum, thereby drawing coffee back into the lower globe.