If you prefer to use a loose leaf tea for its superior flavour and as an environmentally friendly option you might like to use a strainer or infuser. We have a large selection to choose from.

  1. £8.00
    Infuser - Diameter 80mm
  2. £8.00
    This sturdy tea infuser comes with a drip tray that also acts as a lid to retain the heat if brewing in a mug. It comes in five different sizes which you can select in the drop down box on the right. Choose the closest diameter to the opening of your tea pot
  3. £6.00
    This 5cm stainless steel infuser ball has a delightful unicorn figure as an ornament. For budding young tea connoisseurs or those who believe in the power of unicorns!
  4. £9.00

    A tea infuser with two tabs that will cross the width of most mugs or teapot openings. It has a reinforced top and bottom rim. It also has a lid which can be used as a drip tray. It is 60mm across the opening of the infuser.