1. £28.00
    An excellent example of high-quality UK design, this teapot will have you pouring flawless brews every teatime. It has a removable filter to hold loose tea leaves and floral infusions as they steep, without letting any debris get into your cup. It's made of durable stoneware in a vivid red coloured glaze, with an elongated spout that's been shaped to prevent any drips or leaks. It serves 1L approximately 4 cups.
  2. £26.00
    This chemistry lab flask shaped infuser is perfect for making hot or cold tea, particularly green, oolong, fruit or herbal varieties. It holds 1.2 litres.
  3. £23.00
    This fine glass teapot is designed to give the best display for 'Flowering' tea bulbs. Pop a flowering tea bulb into the teapot, pour on boiling water and watch it unfurl.
  4. £43.00
    The Furawa tea set is a traditional Japanese design, with a creamy glaze complemented by the famous blue and white Arita-ware design on the teapot and bowl, suggesting delicate flowers. The set comprises the teapot and two bowls. It holds 500ml.
  5. £86.00
    This cast iron teapot is decorated with a herd of carved galloping horses with a crimped top and a decorative brass lid and handle.
  6. Globe Gold Infuser Teapot 4 Cup
    Out of stock
    The iconic Globe teapot is made of nicely weighted stoneware with a lustrous gold finish, for a classic look. The long, shaped spout prevents any drips, and has a fine built-in filter at its base to ensure no loose-leaf tea or petals get into your cup. Approximately 4 cup size.
  7. £128.00
    This cast iron teapot is a chocolate brown colour accented with a golden monkey motif accompanied by a brass handle and lid with floral knob.
  8. £21.00
    This glass infuser teapot has a stainless steel basket to hold the tea leaves and a stainless steel lid. Its shape is reminiscent of a goldfish bowl. It holds 800ml.
  9. £22.00
    This glass infuser tea pot is shaped like a chinese pomelo and adorned with a coloured glass leaf. In addition to its ornamental value it also brews a perfect cup of tea. It holds 600ml.
  10. £59.00
    A beautiful, traditional Chinese tea set in a wooden gift box. The turquoise set comprises a teapot and two bowls.
  11. Hidchi Black Chinese Tea Set
    Out of stock
    A traditional, ceramic Chinese tea set comprising a bamboo handled tea pot and four bowls in black with a red symbol.
  12. £26.00
    An infuser teapot in chrome plate and glass with a simple mechanism that guarantees a perfectly brewed cup of tea. Once the tea is the right strength pull the basket out of the water and fold the stem over. Your second cup will be just as good as the first. The glass bowl is replaceable.
  13. Impi White Porcelain Teapot
    Out of stock
    A traditional Chinese teapot in white.
  14. Jari Kawa Tokoname Yokode Kyusu Clay Teapot 0.32L
    Out of stock
    This teapot is of a wide, shallow design, the perfect shape for brewing high quality green teas. The dark brown clay is marked with notches. It is so perfectly shaped that it’s difficult to believe it is fashioned by an entirely handmade process. That said the maker leaves a little imperfection in each pot in the spirit of wabi-sabi, to celebrate the “beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” It holds 320ml and has a panoramic stainless steel infuser to prevent the tea leaves escaping the spout.
  15. £73.00
    The classic Hiri Arare shape is given a touch glamour with the burnished gold on black lacquered finish. As with all of our cast iron teapots it comes with an enamelled interior and removable stainless steel infuser.