1. Osaka Glass Teapot
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    These beautiful, artisan-made glass teapots come from Italian design house Ichendorf Milano. Stefania Vasques looked to various cultures of the world for inspiration when designing her collection of teapots for Ichendorf Milano. Inspired by the city of Osaka, this teapot is crafted from borosilicate glass which offers a delicate presence, yet remains sturdy and robust.
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    I make all my tea in one of these tea pots. It holds enough to make a breakfast cup of tea, or several bowls of 'Kung Fu' style teas, like Oolong and Pu Erh. You can see the leaves unfurling and enjoy watching the infusion slowly change colour. The spring in the spout stops all but the smallest leaves escaping into your cup but if you prefer you can also use a tea strainer to gather those. I make all my teas with 1g to 100ml of water so I would recommend 2.5g for this pot. Please note this is a one mug teapot, 250ml so no good for sharing unless you are making it to drink ceremonially in the Gong Fu style. It is the however THE best teapot for one person there is, fulfilling all that you need from a pot!
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    The T-Ring tea brewing & filtering set offers a hassle-free tea making experience by elegantly filtering away the tea leaves with the smart T-Ring! Simply place the T-Ring into the water when your tea is almost ready. It will slowly sink down to the bottom suspending the brewing process.
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    This double walled glass teapot is the perfect way to brew a single cup of fine, leaf tea and is suited to anyone looking to turn their tea drinking into a divine ritual. It has a removable glass infuser and the double wall helps keep the tea at the optimum temperature whilst brewing. It holds 150ml.