1. £18.00
    Carry Cup by Uberstar is a universal coffee cup that can be used at home or on-the-go. As a nation, the most popular material of mugs is ceramic, yet when it comes to travel mugs they only seem to be available in stainless steel, glass or plastic. We set out to design a universal mug that you will use at home and carry with you, wherever you roam. Our ceramic mug is wrapped in a thick silicone sleeve helps keep your drink hot while allowing it to be cooler to touch.
  2. £31.00
    This 350ml insulated teapot, with vintage flowers on a blue green base is very colourful, reminiscent of a spring in Japan. It keeps your tea, infusion or preparation 5h hot and 7h cold! Waterproof and ergonomic, it is the ideal solution for taking your drink anywhere. 2 filters are included: 1 long basket type filter for a temporary infusion and 1 short filter for a permanent infusion.
  3. £48.00
    This traditional tea set is designed for the traveller. It comprises a special glass Gaiwan style pot with a rabbit face shaped lid with built in strainer, 1 large tea bowl and 2 small, with a transport bag
  4. £16.00
    The Zita travel mug is double-wall tumbler with brew-stop kit, which enables you to brew your favourite loose-leaf tea on the go! Where mobility rules, this offers a simple and sustainable way of adding natural flavour to your hot and cold beverages. It allows you to brew your loose-leaf tea on the go or at the office. It has a 10 oz capacity and uses the patented Brew-Stop Kit for whole-leaf tea. Made from Tritan, a BPA free plastic. Dishwasher safe, easy to clean, extremely tough, glass-like clarity. The lid resembles a tea cup. Corkmec closes the spout.