All tea starts out as a green leaf. So-called 'black' tea is named for the colour of the leaves and the deep, rich infusion. The process of turning green tea into the black tea most familiar to us in the west is called oxidisation. In the best teas, this can impart flavours such as malt, chocolate, honey, toffee or sweet, woody smokiness.

We offer the best types from the growing countries where the quality of production ensures unique characteristics in the cup.

  1. As low as £7.00
    With malty, citrus undertones and a sweet, floral, jasmine, cypress aroma, this tea typifies the famous character of Dimbula district teas. At the peak point of the year in February and March, the leaves are full of concentrated volatile oils, which allow tea makers to produce a distinctive, regional flavour profile. It has a fruity aftertaste with hints of blackcurrant leaf, which adds to the refreshing quality of its infusion. Previously listed as Ceylon Montecristo
  2. As low as £6.00
    Our most popular Sri Lankan tea manages to capture all of the qualities of the Uva district tea growing area. It has the richness and colour of the mid-elevation teas, which carry notes of black treacle, currants and plum, and the fine high notes that evoke grapefruit zest, minty menthol tones and a green wood edge. Previously listed as Pettiagalla.
  3. As low as £6.00
    A mild, large leaf tea with a fruity quality, reminiscent of peach, rose and citrus. Subtle notes of malt and dried fruit afford a smooth aftertaste with an exquisite tanginess. Wedged between the Nuwara Eliya and Badulla districts on the eastern slopes of the hill country, Uda Pussellawa is a small town almost entirely dedicated to tea cultivation.
  4. As low as £6.00
    The tea has a delicate, slightly reddish semi-broken leaf which brews a highly aromatic, robust infusion perfect with milk. It has refreshing astringency, reminiscent of lemon peel that is balanced by the nuanced darker notes of real ale malt and raisins. A top tea from this picturesque area in the Nuwara Eliya district.
  5. As low as £7.00
    This tea carries a complex array of aromatics and flavours. Darker notes of dried fruit, plum, molasses, malt are balanced with a touch of sharp citrus and menthol notes such as mint and eucalyptus. Nuwara Eliya produces tea with a unique flavour. The air is scented with the fragrance of the cypress trees that grow in abundance and mentholated with the wild mint and eucalyptus. Previously listed as Battalgalla.
  6. As low as £6.00
    Grown on the eastern slopes of the Central Mountains, this black tea yields a bold and crisp infusion of deep amber that lingers on the palate with delicate notes of astringency. A refreshing cup for the morning or afternoon. The aromatic notes include fresh, sappy wood, plum fruits, molasses through to spice, pepper and mint. Previously listed as Dotel Oya. 1307
  7. As low as £9.00
    An anthracite coloured, long and wiry leaf which is mild and tender in taste with a copper coloured infusion and pleasant fragrance. The tea is safely decaffeinated using the CO2 technique.
  8. As low as £6.00
    The typical Uva district flavour is in evidence, with dark fruit, molasses and fragrant woody notes providing a deep character, in balance with citrus fruit peel and mentholated tones. Previously listed as Meddecombra.
  9. As low as £9.00
    A real speciality, this rare tea has a smooth, malty character and richness reminiscent of the finest Assam with a very elegant leaf, edged with silver and gold. The sweet honey-like aroma, with tones of apricot and exotic flowers, lifts Precious Jewel above the ordinary realm of Ceylon teas. The honey character transfers into the cup, enhancing the full and well-balanced creamy flavour, which also carries nuances of chocolate, vanilla and blackcurrant.
  10. As low as £6.00
    A very distinctive, large leaf that gives a satisfying, good coloured infusion, brightly flavoured with nuances of spice and fruit. Full-flavoured black tea is a distinctively unique Ruhuna speciality.
  11. As low as £21.00
    This high quality tea, known as Black Ruby, grows on La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca, situated in tropical western Colombia. This variety is a small tightly twisted leaf, which offers notes of cocoa, honey, sweet raisins and plum. The garden is reached by narrow, winding, dirt roads that lead to a subtropical cloud forest. The farm is entirely organic and each lot is bordered by wild forest, and great bio-diversity.
  12. As low as £9.00
    The base of the blend is a special tea grown in just a few gardens in India, with a special, natural jammy character. The addition of subtle flavouring creates a complex concoction that you’ll never quite be able to describe. We won’t let you know, just to keep you curious! So, go on, drink me!
  13. As low as £7.00
    When I read that Squadron Leader George 'Johnny' Johnson, the last surviving ‘Dambuster’, having survived the dangerous mission, celebrated with a cup of tea, I was reminded how so often at times of stress and crisis we turn to this ‘water bewitched’ for comfort. The two teas I’ve chosen are a strong, smooth Assam blend and a very special tea that adds a touch of honey, sweet tobacco and malt to the flavour. It also has an intriguing appearance.
  14. As low as £9.00
    This tea has a complex character and an almost rose scented quality to the prominent spicy flavour. It is a tea to be relished. These bushes grow at over 6000ft and the perfect climate, shifting between fog and sunshine reduces the growing speed of the tea plants to guarantee an extremely high-quality tea. The second flush term refers to teas plucked during May to June in the gardens of Darjeeling. Each ‘invoice’ from the 90 or so gardens is unique and amounts to approximately just 90kgs.
  15. As low as £15.00
    A delicious early second flush tea with a freshness normally found in first flush Darjeeling and a 'Muscatel' perfume and flavour. The complex flavour runs the range from honey to soft fruits to rose, camellia and green apples. It is smooth and light bodied with a pale orange infusion.
  16. As low as £17.00
    This rare, completely handmade tea has a golden-yellow infusion and is highly aromatic. It has a smooth, complex floral character with a freshly baked biscuit quality. The lively infusion sparkles and bursts with flavour in the mouth at once sweet, vanilla-like and jasmine, lavender floral. Mango, citrus, green apple and almond tones can also be picked out. All in all like a welcome burst of gentle Spring sunshine. Puttabong consistently produces the highest qualities with distinctive character. Previously listed as Puttabong Silver Sun