No one is sure who created the original Earl Grey blend or indeed what it was like but we are confident that our use of the genuine, highest quality ingredients will make you feel that you have only really now discovered the real Earl Grey yourself. We create all of our Earl Grey blends in our shop using the top grade natural oil of bergamot from Italy, whereas most blends use an artificial flavouring. The taste of real bergamot can come as a surprise if you're used to the flavouring. There are many legends and myths surrounding the origin of this famous tea and as many original recipes! One thing is certain, it is a blend of tea and oil of bergamot!

  1. As low as £10.00
    The blend of high quality, naturally decaffeinated Chinese Keemun tea and the best natural bergamot oil makes this hard to distinguish from the real thing. In fact, it tastes a lot better than the standard of Earl Grey you'll find in the supermarket.
  2. As low as £9.00
    Our zesty, floral bergamot oil makes a great partner for this light bodied tea which has notes of malt, orchid-like aromas and a toasty, apricot infusion.
  3. As low as £9.00
    A light, flowery first flush Darjeeling brings out a different quality in the taste of our bergamot oil for those seeking a refreshing Earl Grey.
  4. As low as £7.00
    This is made using a rich black tea from Wuyi in China, which has a sweet, subtle smokey note. Matched with our renowned fruity bergamot oil it speaks of all the exotic fragrances of ancient China. The lemon grass adds another subtle tone to the flavour.
  5. As low as £8.00

    Bergamot oil, black soft fruits, cornflowers and heather blended with our high mountain, black Chinese teas create a flavour as fresh and sweet as a perfect Spring morning.

  6. As low as £8.00

    Tropical fruits, lemon grass, bergamot and a bouquet of flower petals blended harmoniously with our high mountain, black Chinese tea to create a sweet and fragrant infusion delicious with or without milk and served hot or iced.

  7. As low as £7.00

    This tasty and fragrant blend made with oil of orange and top bergamot oil has been one of our best selling teas since we opened in 1991. There have even been some flattering attempts at copying it. The big difference is that ours is made with a quality black tea and real flavoring. If you enjoy Lady Grey you will fall in love with this.

  8. As low as £8.00

    Bergamot, orange oil and peels, warm spices and colourful flowers create an infusion that warms and revives on those cold, winter days.