Ever since the Chinese first added blossoms and fruit juices to tea centuries ago, people have enjoyed experimenting to find complementary flavours. The marriage of tea to natural fruit oils, flowers and spices, opens up an infinite variety of surprising tastes to the drinker. They are complemented by the addition of crystal sugar. We have many on our list but if there is a special flavour you would like us to make, for a minimum of 1kg and with a little time, it is possible. We can also mix any of our existing flavours in combinations of your choice. Please contact us by e:mail to do this.

  1. As low as £15.00
    I made this blend for a friend who is always seeking a new scented tea experience. I have chosen a black Chinese tea, called Fuchow Monkey King, which has natural flavours of chocolate, rose and malt and scented it with a sweet, refreshing peach oil. The mix together is sumptuous, which when sweetened can make a low-calorie alternative to a pudding!
  2. As low as £7.00
    Floral, heady and poetic, this tea is one to savour and relax with. It contains maracuja, peach, rose and apricot oils and is packed full of flower petals so is a delight to look at as well as drink.
  3. As low as £7.00
    Sweet oil of orange adds a refreshing quality to the light blend of malty, fruity black tea.
  4. As low as £7.00
    The high quality, malty, golden-tipped black tea that forms the base of this blend is delicious on its own but the sweet, fruity fragrance that the Osmanthus pollen brings makes for a nectar-like drink. Its satisfying creamy flavour slowly seduces you into craving it all the time.
  5. As low as £7.00
    Exotic fruits and tea seem to work so well together and that is certainly the case with this enchanting blend. The sweet yet tart fragrance of passion fruit creates a heady aroma and exciting flavour in the cup.
  6. As low as £7.00
    This is a sumptuous, highly perfumed and wonderfully sweet tea. It is worth trying for the fragrance alone. Peach oil and Ceylon tea is a marriage made in heaven! The ripe sweetness is balanced with a mouthwatering, juicy sharpness.
  7. As low as £7.00
    The classic cocktail of pineapple and coconut works beautifully as a tea. Fun and tropical, it is a summer holiday in a cup!
  8. As low as £7.00
    The addition of rose oil to soft black tea makes a more intensley flavoured version of the classic China Rose. It is a perfumed, elegant drink which can be enjoyed with or without milk.
  9. As low as £7.00
    This passionate blend of wild cherry, mango, strawberry and scented flowers have the desired effect upon the palate! The complex fragrance and flavours appeal to the senses and leave a lingering, sweet aftertaste.
  10. As low as £8.00
    A traditional blend of special Indian black tea infused with aniseed, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cloves and chicory root. It can be infused like tea with boiling water but for the authentic experience should be boiled with creamy milk and sugar. This is the real thing made using authentic ingredients. Its fragrance alone will knock your socks off!
  11. As low as £7.00
    The main notes of this refreshing tea come from wild heather and juicy berry fruits. It has a sweet fragrance and makes a mouthwatering, fruit infusion with floral notes that linger on the palate, like the promise of spring.
  12. As low as £7.00
    We use the finest, high grown jasmine black tea from the Fujian province as the base and blend with other traditional scented black teas osmanthus and rose, with a dash of sweet orange oil. The tea is a lovely accompaniment to spicy food or with a slice of toast and marmalade!
  13. As low as £7.00
    The fragrance of English summer strawberries and sweet flavour all bound up in a cup. I can just see an afternoon tea laid out in front of me! I have fond memories of this tea as it was my first introduction to the wonderful world of tea beyond tea bags!
  14. As low as £7.00
    This choice cocktail of perfumed fruits from all over the world, bursting with sun yield an intoxicating, tropical aroma that evokes a beautiful summer's day.
  15. As low as £13.00
    The natural hints of honey, chocolate and spice found in this beautiful golden tipped base tea are complemented by the addition of passion fruit and vanilla oils. As sweet and lingering as a true love's kiss.
  16. As low as £7.00
    The rich, creamy fragrance and flavour of Bourbon vanilla is exquisite with tea. It also suggests a real creaminess in the cup, which is why many people drink it who cannot drink milk. Vanilla pods contain the seeds from the vanilla orchid plant. Real vanilla is expensive as each plant must be pollinated individually by hand.