Thermique 3 Cup Brushed Gold Cafetiere
A sleek and effortlessly stylish cafetière, the Thermique is ideal for those who want to slow down modern life and take the time to thoroughly enjoy coffee rituals. The double-walled stainless steel body and lid keep coffee hot for three times longer than a conventional cafetière. With a stunning brushed gold finish.
In stock
In stock
This stunning cafetiere brings the finest coffee experience into the home. One of the most popular La Cafetiere models, the Thermique cafetiere has been styled in the newest on-trend metallic as part of this premium coffee collection. The Thermique is a unique double-walled design, keeping contents hotter for longer and meaning coffee lovers can relax and enjoy long breakfasts and catch ups without having to brew twice. Luxury brushed gold is combined with a minimalist product shape for an understated premium look. Etched La Cafetiere branding completes this prestigious design. Capacity: 3 cup/350ml.

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