1. £10.00
    This spoon has been specially designed and developed to improve the functionalities of a traditional measure spoon. Featuring a unique ‘scoop’ that simply allows you to measure out 6ml teaspoon or 15ml tablespoon of coffee. It is also shaped in such a way that the coffee grounds pour smoothly. The long handle lets you reach in to coffee bags easily without a mess and has a soft silicone finish which makes it comfortable to hold. Simple but effective, this is a must have accessory for everyone's kitchen. Hand wash only.
  2. £8.00
    An essential for coffee lovers, this coffee scoop ensures the right amount of coffee is used every time to make the perfect cup or cafetière. Crafted in stainless steel with a luxury gold finish, the scoop has a soft-touch handle and is embossed with the La Cafetière logo.
  3. £6.00
    Perfect for measuring the right amount of coffee in true style.