White teas are even more delicate than green teas and some have higher quantities of antioxidants than most green teas. They are grown on a slightly different strain of bush and after being picked are left a while to dry in the sun, resulting in light oxidation. This can make some of them look slightly wilder than green tea with noticeable exceptions such as Yin Zhen.

  1. As low as £11.00
    A perfect plucking and processing guarantees a stunning looking leaf and sweet, clean infusion. Like White Monkey this is grown on the 'Big White' strain of tea bush in the high mountains of Fujian. It is mellow with a pronounced aroma and flavour of chestnuts.
  2. As low as £11.00

    Picked during a two week period in late April this special quality Fujian tea has a soft, and deliciously sweet infusion with a wonderful honeyed aroma and monkey paw shaped leaf.

  3. As low as £11.00

    This special white tea, grown in the high mountains of Zhen He, is our most popular variety. It comes from the heart of the very small white tea harvest. It first came to our attention twenty two years ago after research published in Germany claimed it to have an energising, revitalising effect peculiar just to this type. Our research in the field since then would seem to back this up! It is mellow and honey sweet in the cup with a lovely pale amber appearance. Many people have noticed a lovely flavour of Violets in it too. I think this is very pronounced when the tea is brewed perfectly and in cooler water. This is picked between March 15 and April 10 but not on rainy days or if there is frost. (For our scented Tea of Life, please look at our Chinese Scented Tea of Life section)

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    Flowering or blooming teas offers the tea fan an extraordinary experience: inside the ball there is an artfully embedded exotic flower. But the ball only reveals its secret when it is placed in a vessel with boiling hot water. It slowly begins to open and at the end of the brewing brings out the embedded flower, which rises from it in rich forms and colourfulness. This is a random assortment. Sold by the piece.
  5. As low as £16.00

    This rare and famous tea was first produced in 1796. It is extremely high in polyphenols, low in caffeine and has a light, subtle infusion. This is the finest of its kind and is made entirely of silvery buds covered in fine white hairs. It has been a challenge to find Yin Zhen this year, with adverse weather conditions adversely effecting the size of the already small crop. This tea has almost doubled in price in China and took much longer than usual to arrive, due to the floods in China. Our contacts in China however, always make sure we can offer some of the highest quality made and at a reasonable price. I have seen it selling elsewhere for �20 for 25g.