1. £125.00
    This beautiful Kinto kettle is designed for use with the Slow Coffee making process. The narrow and gently curving spout allows precise control over the pour position, volume, and speed of water. Gently curving contour of the kettle allows smooth pouring until the very last drip. Texture, strength, and ease of use were carefully considered in reaching its adequate thickness. The smooth, flowing surface is enhanced by diligent polishing by skilled craftsmen. Can be used on a hot plate but care must be taken to spread the flame on a gas hob not to melt the handle.


  2. £98.00

    Masterfully crafted from stainless-steel, this pour-over kettle will serve as your slow-style coffee maker for years to come. In the pursuit of coffee-perfection, the need for the right brewing tools is a must. The carefully researched design of the spout of this pour-over kettle allows for that all important, slow and controlled flow of water, extracting every last drop of flavour from your coffee. It holds 900ml.