1. As low as £46.00
    Currently the most expensive coffee in the world but it's not only the supply and logistical issues that raise the price of this special coffee. Its unique flavour offers up mocha, ripe berries, chocolate and red wine.
  2. As low as £7.00
    This special, premium robusta type coffee has a super thick liquor, dark chocolate body and flavour plus more than average caffeine! It has almost twice as much caffeine as the Arabica variety. Enjoyable in its pure form and useful to add a kick to your favourite espresso blend. Whilst Robusta coffees are not generally renowned for their fine flavour this treasure from Vietnam is a noticeable exception. It is particularly delicious when made with condensed milk. Our customers have really taken to this coffee and it is now among our most popular. It certainly lives up to its name! Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-roaster.
  3. As low as £18.00
    Yemeni coffee at its best has a very rare and wild character, with a heavy body, chocolate-like flavour and exotic wine-like aroma. Each year the Rayyan mill offers Zamarrud Al-Yemen (The Emeralds of Yemen). It is composed of the best-tasting coffees from several growing regions in Yemen and offers the true 'Mocha' character. This careful selection is the reason that a batch earned Coffee Review's highest score ever of 97. Aromatic and flavour notes reveal this coffee's complexity: Cocoa, muscatel grape, mango, dried berries, candied fruit, tangerine, peach, strawberry jam, plum wine, cherry, maple syrup, coconut, marmalade, honeysuckle and sweet waffles.