The process of roasting is what brings out the complex flavours and aromatics that make coffee so appealing to our senses.

The coffee we describe as medium roasted is a range that varies in colour and intensity according to the beans we are roasting.

Coffees in this range have a balance of fresh fruitiness and sweetness, with all of the complex fragrances and characteristics of their origin fully developed.

  1. As low as £29.00
    At Skybury Plantation, they grow Bourbon and Catuai varieties of Arabica Coffee. They have created a unique coffee wet processing which highlights the great taste of the coffee. Having one of the world's most sophisticated processing facilities, they can 'shape' the flavour of the coffee and achieve taste profile elements found in other processing styles, or create their own uniquely Australian style. With this 'Supreme' lot they have left a small amount of the mucilage on the beans by interrupting the fermentation process. Fermentation is followed by a high-speed wash which locks in flavour and allows the bean to absorb the remaining mucilage. When this coffee is roasted, the mucilage 'caramelises' and releases a sweet, chocolatey flavour. It is a light-bodied coffee and slightly lower in caffeine than average. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster.
  2. As low as £9.00
    This is a coffee of great complexity, with cupping notes observed by SCAA cuppers that included: great body, zest, almond, walnut, honey, caramel, sweet citrus, star fruit, floral aromas and chocolate. We buy these small 'lots' from an estate that engages in practices that exemplifies all that is meant by the term speciality coffee. This current batch is made on the Fazenda Rio Verde farm on the Ipanema estate. This unique lot is processed using the 'natural' sun-dried method, although they also produce fine coffee by the 'wet' method too. Sun drying ensures the sweetest flavours. Roasted to perfection for a filter or cafetiere it also offers a smooth espresso. It can be blended with our 'espresso' roast version of this coffee 'Espresso de Sol' to add nuance and for personalising your perfect espresso blend. One thing very few people argue with is that you have the best coffee for making espresso in the world however you blend it. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster. The farm is situated in the Mantiqueira Mountains. It is translated as the Crying Mountains.
  3. As low as £40.00
    One of the rarest coffees in the world, Jacu gets its name from the native South American bird. The Jacu have an excellent eye for selecting the ripest berries to consume, passing over those considered perfectly ripe by the human eye! Their herbivore diet and fast digestion help to further develop the exquisite flavour that bio-dynamically farmed Camocin estate coffees are already renowned for. The aroma has a nutty sweetness with a flavour of molasses, notes of black pepper, macadamia and nuances of sweet aniseed. Henrique Sloper, third-generation owner and farmer is understandably proud of this fruitful interaction between wildlife and farming and says "rather than thinking of the Jacu as a pest, eating our finest coffee cherries, we saw the opportunity to employ the Jacu as one of our most effective coffee pickers."�
  4. As low as £9.00
    This fine, silky bodied coffee's complex character is described as having: notes of peach, apricots, lemon, butter, vanilla, mandarin, citrus, red apple, pear. It is considered one of the sweetest, fruitiest coffees in Colombia. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster. This fully washed coffee was grown on 'La Esperanza' farm owned and worked by Gerardo Carvajal in the Bruselas, Huila region of Colombia, 1,600 meters above sea level.
  5. As low as £10.00
    Professional coffee cuppers argue that not only is San Rafael RZ the best coffee in Costa Rica but indeed the world. Cupping competition notes will describe the complexity of this outstanding coffee which include: deep aroma, vibrant, lemony acidity, pear, smooth finish, spice, honey, malt, chocolate, caramel, orange, milk chocolate truffle, creamy, black cherry, syrupy, brown sugar sweetness, marzipan. It is not unusual that nine out of ten finalists are produced there when the Cup of Excellence competitions are held in the country. Artisan roasted in our 2kg coffee roaster.
  6. As low as £10.00
    This coffee is grown in the Escambray Mountains where the soil is rich in quartz and mica crystals, hence the name. Characteristics noted include: Intensely aromatic, elegant, delicately sweet, creamy, notes of walnuts and caramel, cacao, sweet tobacco, cedar wood, brown sugar, leaving a cocoa butter coating in the mouth. The unique terroir, mild climate and frequent rains, form an ideal microclimate for growing this rare and outstanding coffee. The varieties planted are Typica, Bourbon, Villalobos and Isla 6-14. It is a wet-processed coffee, like many of the finest coffees from the Americas. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster.
  7. As low as £11.00
    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffees are famed for their beautiful fragrance. The coffee taster's lexicon is used to it's full in striving to describe some of the aromatics that are glimpsed in the coffee's aroma, both roasted and brewed. One of perhaps the most unusual is that of black tea. Others include: tangerine, stone fruit, red currant, lime, raspberry lemonade, floral, lemon, sweet, lavender, jasmine, blueberry, blackberry, bergamot, apricot, almond, wildflowers. It might be a surprise to find that it still smells and tastes of coffee! The coffee grown in this lush, green, mountainous area at altitudes up to 8,000 feet is referred to as 'garden coffee' due to most of it being grown on small-holdings of less than 1 hectare producing something up to 5 sacks of coffee beans.
  8. As low as £25.00
    The San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Archipelago of Ecuador produces an exotic, high-quality organic coffee bean. In the cup, its unusual origin is more than matched by its sweet flavour, with its intense, sweet aroma, nice round body, well balanced, orange acidity, delicate cup, which holds hints of caramel and chocolate.The coffee is grown in an ecological sanctuary and UNESCO "Patrimony and Humanity" site as a sustainable resource of the island's people. As a result of this, the law strictly prohibits the importation or use of fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals. The coffee is cultivated on the volcanic mountains of the island, where the trees receive a perfect balance of sunlight, rain and altitude.
  9. As low as £10.00
    Hacienda Carmona has been managed by octogenarian, Maria Zelaya since 1959. The speciality of Carmona, grown in a section of the farm called Inteligente, is sold as Cafe Pulcal. It has long been considered the most complete tasting coffee in the world. Tasting notes from the Cup of Excellence competition include berry, tangerine, caramel, sweet spices, dark chocolate, lime, kiwi, butter, honey, caramelized sugar, plum, pineapple, melon, blackberry, cherry, and orange. We love its almost Nutella like quality and the hints of lemony, freshly milled pepper. The flavour is like chocolate, caramel and orange with a fig-like sweetness.
  10. As low as £28.00
    Hawaiian coffee can only be called Pure Kona if it is grown on island's Gold Coast in Hawaii. Kona Gold is grown at high altitudes on the mountainous slopes of active volcanoes. The island's rich, volcanic soil lends an unmistakable character to what is regarded as the most beautiful coffee bean in the world. Although growing at a lower altitude than the world's other great coffees, the clouds that appear like clockwork each afternoon, plentiful rain, good shelter and the mineral-rich soil, more than compensate for this. What gives the coffee grown on this small estate the edge is that it is so carefully selected that workers can only harvest around twenty pounds of beans on a good day. This adds more expense to already high American labour prices but along with the equally impeccable processing, guarantees a smooth, rich body, sweet flavour with notes of tropical fruit and chocolate.
  11. As low as £10.00
    Expect to find flavour and aromatic tones of peach, orange, red apple, milk chocolate, cream, toffee, white grape, orange blossom, raspberry, cherry. Smooth, sweet, zesty and light. Honduras coffee at its best.
  12. As low as £40.00
    The world's most exclusive coffee only more so! Our offering, from the highest and therefore finest plantation, Gold Cup estate, is grown and milled on site, unlike most other Blue Mountain which is blended in the Mavis bank mill. All Blue Mountain is special but this is a cut above the rest. This specific appellation and processing allow us to appreciate the original, superior quality and character of Blue Mountain coffee. It has been called a "connoisseur's delight" yielding a full flavour. It has balance, with floral, chocolate, and fruit tones. What distinguishes Blue Mountain from other coffee is a notable lack of bitterness, with a mild, yet very complex, almost creamy flavour and silky body, with an intense aroma. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-roaster.
  13. As low as £10.00
    No collection of coffee would be complete without a prizewinning offering from Kenya. Recently, coffee from this co-operative won the Specialty Coffee Association's Blind Cupping Competition, scoring 98 out of 100. Some notes on the flavours when medium roasted included: Vibrant grape acidity, sugar cane sweetness, tropical fruit, pineapple, blackcurrant, mandarin, orange, nectarine, apricot, stone fruit, brown sugar, rhubarb, pink grapefruit, rose florals, lime, milk chocolate, nectarine, black tea, honey and fresh cherry. Our Kenya coffee is grown by the smallholder farmers of the Bisembe co-operative in Kisii County, a mountainous region of western Kenya famed for evergreen farms.