Teas inspired by some famous desserts.

  1. As low as £8.00
    A rich, luxurious flavour that carries notes of caramel, vanilla and has a silky, creamy quality when brewed. Cr�me Br�l�e in a cup!
  2. As low as £9.00
    The base of the blend is a special tea grown in just a few gardens in India, with a special, natural jammy character. The addition of subtle flavouring creates a complex concoction that you'll never quite be able to describe. We won't let you know, just to keep you curious! So, go on, drink me!
  3. As low as £10.00
    Happy Birthday to you! We have selected some very special black teas to form the basis of this celebratory blend. The natural hints of chocolate, caramel, fruit and rose. Strong, smooth tea with orange, rose and chocolate flavours make it a great brew to eat with cake. Birthday or otherwise!
  4. As low as £8.00
    A heady, larger than life flavour made of a finely balanced concoction of coconut, vanilla, peach and wild cherry.
  5. As low as £9.00
    It's always tea time in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and it's the same at Imperial Teas of Lincoln! We've created this tasty blend, inspired by jelly & ice cream & everything afternoon tea! So, go on, drink me!
  6. As low as £8.00
    The classic cocktail of pineapple and coconut works beautifully as a tea. Fun and tropical, it is a summer holiday in a cup!
  7. As low as £14.00
    The natural hints of honey, chocolate and spice found in this beautiful golden tipped base tea are complemented by the addition of passion fruit and vanilla oils. As sweet and lingering as a true love's kiss.