The Chinese and Japanese have long flavoured their teas with the blossoms and fragrances of indigenous plants and fruits. You'll find them here alongside a few of our own special creations.

  1. As low as £9.00
    The many alleged health benefits of drinking high-quality green teas are well documented. This Sencha tea also offers benefits to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. This is due to the high levels of chlorophyll peculiar to Sencha green tea and the fact that it is scented with mandarin and rose oil. This delicious tea offers beauty from within and you might even make a fragrant face mask from the brewed leaves!
  2. As low as £7.50
    The fresh green tea flavour is balanced by the fragrant, zest of pure bergamot oil.
  3. As low as £14.00
    A blend of finest Fog Island Sencha and rose petals, scented with mandarin and rose oils, a blend believed to maintain beautiful skin from within. This is due to the high levels of chlorophyll and the fact that it is scented with mandarin and rose oil. The tea itself has a rich fragrance and sweet flavour, complemented by the sweet, zesty character of mandarin and the complex fragrance of rose oil.
  4. As low as £9.00
    Our most economical yet far from an ordinary offer. This tea ranks at number five in the hundreds of jasmine teas available. Made in the traditional way by layering lightly oxidised green tea with Jasmine Blossoms. The higher the grade, the more times this is done with freshly picked blossoms. The process is done over night as the blossoms open then to release their characteristic fragrance. Perhaps surprisingly, the higher grades also show fewer blossoms in the finished product. It has a beautiful, distinctive, sweet flavour.
  5. As low as £13.00
    The best grade of Jasmine tea available, grown in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Fujian. A very delicate leaf that gives an exquisite infusion.
  6. As low as £14.00
    "If you like Pi�a Colada..."� then you'll love this alcohol free variation! We don't really need to describe this classic flavour but we loved the idea of recreating a longstanding classic of the cocktail world with the energy kick of the famous powdered green tea matcha, used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Sweet, juicy pineapple pieces make the perfect foil to the soft, creamy coconut chips and delicate coconut shreds that combined make this perfect summer creation.
  7. As low as £14.00
    Blended to evoke the flavour of the famous Peach Melba dessert with the energy kick off the famous powdered green tea matcha, used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Who can resist sun-ripened peaches, the slight sharpness of raspberries and the sweet hit of vanilla ice-cream? Reddish golden peach crunchy, shining carrot flakes and merry flowers reflect the summer feeling. The brilliant green of the tea adds a unique appearance to the infusion as well as lots of antioxidants. A delight to drink when a pudding is pushing the calorie counter!
  8. As low as £12.00
    Despite its remarkable properties, Kombucha cultivation proved too much trouble for most of us. Luckily it can now be bought in powdered form to which we have added the benefits of green tea and some subtle fruit oils to create a delicious, simple health drink. This fine quality tea is produced in Japan. The very fruity scent of plum and mirabelle is a pleasure, especially in spring and summer time.
  9. As low as £14.00
    Potent ginseng root is blended with rich, sweet Sencha tea then flavoured with lemon oil. These two superfood ingredients make a happy pairing.
  10. As low as £8.50
    A fine Sencha tea flavoured with wild cherry oil and rose petals. This high-quality tea is produced in the Japanese style on Japanese equipment but grown in Zheijang, China. The sweet smell of the wild cherry evokes the famous display of spring blossom in Japan.