Jasmine Yin Hao Green Tea
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The best grade of Jasmine tea available, grown in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Fujian. A very delicate leaf that gives an exquisite infusion.
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Yin Hao refers to the beautiful silvery tips found amongst the green tea leaves. The buds are added after the tea has been scented. This is the top grade of Jasmine tea so the process of layering jasmine blossoms between layers of green tea takes place several times over a long period of time. The best blossoms are available in the late summer, early autumn season and will be added at night when the blossoms open to reveal their scent. This process exposes the green tea to significant heat, which creates a special flavour in itself, unique to Jasmine tea. Once the tea is finished, after several weeks, the blossoms are no longer required and painstakingly picked out by hand. This, along with other speciality Jasmine teas, is made in Fujian Province, the founding place of this famous tea.

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Leaf GradeHandmade Strip
StrengthMedium Green Tea
Use Milk?No
Brew Time1-2 mins
Water Temperature80-90 c
Number of Infusions1-3