This unusual tea takes its common name, Pu Erh, from the town near which most of it is grown. It is also known as Red or Dark or Gam Fei Cha tea in China. These teas undergo post-fermentation through a microbial process after they are dried and rolled. The major differentiation is between raw (sheng) and ripened (shou) types.

The ripe type refers to those varieties that have gone through a proper post-fermentation process, a recent invention that manipulates conditions to approximate the result of the ageing process by prolonged bacterial and fungal fermentation in a warm humid environment under controlled conditions. The raw types are those in the process of gradual darkening through exposure to microbes over many years in a controlled environment.

If one were to believe the Chinese example, Pu Erh tea is the most famous of all for its alleged health-giving properties and as a slimming tea. It is believed to speed up the metabolism without raising the heart rate.

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    This loose leaf variety of Pu Erh has a wonderfully earthy, mossy aroma with hints of firewood, minerals and a touch of camphor. It has the typically smooth, almost leather-like flavour and deep red colour you would expect of a 'ripe' or 'Shou' post-fermented tea. Pu Erh Gam Fei Cha, known also as 'dark' and 'red' tea in China has recently gained a reputation as a slimming tea thanks to Victoria Beckham! Also known as Super Gam Fei Cha.
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    A blend combining the three teas, which are currently being exposed to much ado in the press regarding their alleged benefits to weight loss. It is made up of a Chinese Oolong called Da Hong Pao Red Robe, Fog Island Sencha from Japan and Chinese Pu Erh. The tea flavour is dominated by the Red Robe Oolong, with it's distinctive toasty, almost mellow pipe tobacco note and ripe fruit aftertaste. The delicate notes of the Sencha, whilst somewhat subdued by the other teas, adds a fresh edge to the cup, with the more earthy tones of the Pu Erh adding weight and body.

  3. Royal Jasmine Pu Erh Gam Fei Tea
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    This is a high grade of cooked loose leaf Pu Erh Gam Fei Cha from 2010, handmade entirely from young shoots and scented with jasmine blossom. It is perfect for jasmine and Pu Erh tea fans alike but is also an opportunity for a gentle introduction to the unique flavour of Gam Fei Cha for novices.