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    The character of this coffee is complex, it has refined body, and sweet, spicy, earthy aromas. Notes of pipe tobacco, with woody undertones and chocolate tones, make this a very smooth, dense espresso or basis for a great espresso blend. This is a genuinely aged coffee, having been stored in the correct conditions for 6 years. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster.
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    This intense coffee is sourced from the Arinagata Cooperative, a collection serving 2,000+ small hold farmers who grow coffee in the Aceh rainforest at altitudes up to 5,500 feet. The co-op is an organic and Fairtrade certified Gayo Arabica coffee producer and exporter. When roasted as darkly as this the flavours described as herbal, grapefruit, cherry, chocolate, walnut, white grape, vanilla and fresh flowers evolve into cedar, maple, chocolate, spice, raisin, black treacle, liquorice and sweet tobacco. It has a syrupy richness, exquisite flavour and the native volcanic soil gives it a rich, silky character. It is, deservedly, among the most famous coffees in the world.