These 'straight-up' blends are made using only natural oil of bergamot and a distinctive base tea. The bergamot flavour combines with the unique characteristics of the selected tea to create delicious flavours.

  1. As low as £19.00
    This is a truly luxurious variation of the classic blend using Keemun Gold Buds as the base. This is a very rare black tea from China, the total crop is only 400kgs, that has a delicious malty character and very smooth body. We add the very best natural oil of bergamot and beautiful red safflower petals to complement the quality of the tea. It is delightful with or without milk.
  2. As low as £7.50
    A smooth, gentle blend of black teas from Ceylon with our finest natural oil of bergamot. To this, we add a bouquet of blue and purple flowers, including the very expensive cornflower, purely for the visual delight.
  3. As low as £7.50
    Our sumptuous Superior Breakfast tea with a dash of bergamot oil. This is the one if you desire a very strong cup with the refreshing aftertaste of bergamot. The rich, malty flavour with hints of raisin, molasses and cocoa and the fresh, fragrant bergamot delivers a sweet, wake up kiss before the weight of the tea lands a punch that will galvanise you for the rest of the day!
  4. As low as £9.00
    Simply the best Earl Grey. This is Imperial Teas of Lincoln best selling, secret blend for a good reason. Made freshly in the shop without compromising our choice of ingredients to create a fragrant, rich, strong and unique infusion. Enjoyable with or without milk.
  5. As low as £17.00
    A sumptuous, almost overwhelming liquor that revitalises and lifts the spirit. An extra shot of natural bergamot oil makes it particularly fragrant and refreshing, in a way few Earl Grey teas can compare. The base tea has hints of cocoa, malt and raspberry.
  6. As low as £10.00
    The blend of high quality, naturally decaffeinated Chinese Keemun tea and the best natural bergamot oil makes this hard to distinguish from the real thing. In fact, it tastes a lot better than the standard of Earl Grey you'll find in the supermarket.
  7. As low as £9.50
    Our zesty, floral bergamot oil makes a great partner for this light bodied tea which has notes of malt, orchid-like aromas and a toasty, apricot infusion.
  8. As low as £9.50
    A light, flowery first flush Darjeeling brings out a different quality in the taste of our bergamot oil for those seeking a refreshing Earl Grey.