1. £4.00

    Carved from bamboo, this is the authentic scoop used in the Japanese tea ceremony for Matcha tea. 

  2. £5.00
    A simple stainless steel measure for delivering the perfect scoop of Matcha, the Japanese powdered tea, to make one bowlful.
  3. £5.00
    This stainless steel measuring spoon holds one perfect measure for a cup of tea.
  4. £4.00
    A simple stainless steel tea caddy spoon decorated with a teapot on the handle. It's an easy way to get the perfect measure of tea for your brew.
  5. Yao Japanese Tea Scoop
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    A petite tea scoop, lovingly handmade in Japan. It is brown glazed with Arita Ware blue decoration. Each one is unique so product may vary from photograph.