1. £6.00
    This tea measure has an extra long handle, making it perfect for our Imperial Tea Tins. It delivers one teaspoon of tea in its measure and is made from stainless steel.
  2. £4.00

    Carved from bamboo, this is the authentic scoop used in the Japanese tea ceremony for Matcha tea. 

  3. £6.00
    A simple stainless steel measure for delivering the perfect scoop of Matcha, the Japanese powdered tea, to make one bowlful.
  4. £6.00
    This stainless steel measuring spoon holds one perfect measure for a cup of tea.
  5. £8.00
    A petite tea scoop, lovingly handmade in Japan. It is brown glazed with Arita Ware blue decoration. Each one is unique so product may vary from photograph.