Teas with predominantly berry notes.

  1. As low as £8.00
    The blackcurrant flavour captures both the fragrance of the fruit and herbal notes of the leaves themselves. It is reminiscent of a fresh first flush Darjeeling. It combines very well with tea, therefore. It is one of those fragrances that reminds us of long, hot summer days ambling down country lanes.
  2. As low as £8.00
    With flavours of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant amonst others, this delightful tea is a fruity wonder! It packs a satisfying and rich punch in the cup and will satisfy any fruit tea lover.
  3. As low as £8.00
    The dried berries themselves have a hard to pin down flavour, notes of blueberry, cranberry, cherry and chocolate plus some almost herbal nuances spring to mind. This flavoured black tea is made on the shop premises by hand.
  4. As low as £8.00
    This passionate blend of wild cherry, mango, strawberry and scented flowers have the desired effect upon the palate! The complex fragrance and flavours appeal to the senses and leave a lingering, sweet aftertaste.
  5. As low as £8.00
    The main notes of this refreshing tea come from wild heather and juicy berry fruits. It has a sweet fragrance and makes a mouthwatering, fruit infusion with floral notes that linger on the palate, like the promise of spring.
  6. As low as £8.00
    The fragrance of English summer strawberries and sweet flavour all bound up in a cup. I can just see an afternoon tea laid out in front of me! I have fond memories of this tea as it was my first introduction to the wonderful world of tea beyond tea bags!
  7. As low as £8.00
    The sweet smell of the wild cherry evokes the famous display of spring blossom in Japan. It is a fragrance that captures the floral notes of the blossom and the ripe, sweet yet slightly tart note of the fruit.