Teas with predominantly botanical notes.

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    It is thought that extracts of tea are one of the key ingredients in the soft drink cola, so this marriage of flavours is perhaps not as surprising as it sounds. The cola flavour is derived from a complex list of ingredients including neroli, lime, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, coriander, orange and lavender to name a few. These are all delightful additions to tea individually and in combination make up a complex, fragrant and flavoursome infusion when married to a fruity, malty tea.
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    This is a beautifully fragrant tea, both for the addition of elderflower and the natural, honey-muscatel, rose like tones of the Darjeeling tea used. The elderflower character shares many fragrant compounds with other essences such as neroli, rose and linalool and its perfume evokes the start of a perfect English summer.
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    A secret cocktail of herbs, berries and a hint of fruit conjure up an exotic flavour. This evokes memories, for those of you old enough to remember them, of the old-fashioned sweet, Spangles! Strange and yet strangely delightful!
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    Another natural choice for flavouring black tea. The sweet aroma and flavour bring an extra freshness to the cup.
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    Mint oils are added to this light, black tea to create a very soothing cup. At once sweet refreshing and cooling.
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    The main notes of this refreshing tea come from wild heather and juicy berry fruits. It has a sweet fragrance and makes a mouthwatering, fruit infusion with floral notes that linger on the palate, like the promise of spring.
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    The natural hints of honey, chocolate and spice found in this beautiful golden tipped base tea are complemented by the addition of passion fruit and vanilla oils. As sweet and lingering as a true love's kiss.
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    The rich, creamy fragrance and flavour of Bourbon vanilla is exquisite with tea. It also suggests a real creaminess in the cup, which is why many people drink it who cannot drink milk. Vanilla pods contain the seeds from the vanilla orchid plant. Real vanilla is expensive as each plant must be pollinated individually by hand.