1. AIRO Air-Lock Easy Brewing Set
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    The Airo Air-Lock tea brewing set provides an easy brewing solution by using the air-pressure as the locking mechanism. Lift the upper brewer a bit, the ready-brewed tea will drip down to the lower glass automatically.
  2. Baby Elephant Glass Teapot 0.6L
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    An elegant glass teapot that has a little figure of an elephant on the lid. It holds 0.6 litres. Why not add the optional stainless steel infuser that helps to make the perfect cup of tea. Choose the 60mm option when purchasing.
  3. £47.00
    A fine, elegant design made in Germany by the famous 'Jenaer Glas' company. When it is filled, remove the stainless steel infuser for the perfect cup. It holds 2 litres.
  4. Cherry Blossom 1.2L Glass Teapot
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    Beautiful glass 1.2 litre teapot decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms.
  5. Elephant Glass Teapot 1.5L
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    An elegant glass teapot that has a little figure of an elephant on the lid. It holds 1.5 litres. Why not add the optional stainless steel infuser that helps to make the perfect cup of tea. Choose the 70mm option when purchasing.
  6. £26.00
    This chemistry lab flask shaped infuser is perfect for making hot or cold tea, particularly green, oolong, fruit or herbal varieties. It holds 1.2 litres.
  7. £23.00
    This fine glass teapot is designed to give the best display for 'Flowering' tea bulbs. Pop one of the bulbs included in this gift set into the teapot, pour on boiling water and watch it unfurl.
  8. £21.00
    This glass infuser teapot has a stainless steel basket to hold the tea leaves and a stainless steel lid. Its shape is reminiscent of a goldfish bowl. It holds 800ml.
  9. £22.00
    This glass infuser tea pot is shaped like a chinese pomelo and adorned with a coloured glass leaf. In addition to its ornamental value it also brews a perfect cup of tea. It holds 600ml.
  10. Henrik To-Go Tea Infuser Bottle 0.25L
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    This To-Go bottle is ideal for brewing tea on the go! Just fill the tea of your choice into the glass lid and water into the glass body. It makes 0.25L and is ideal for green and oolong tea.
  11. £26.00
    An infuser teapot in chrome plate and glass with a simple mechanism that guarantees a perfectly brewed cup of tea. Once the tea is the right strength pull the basket out of the water and fold the stem over. Your second cup will be just as good as the first. The glass bowl is replaceable.
  12. £25.00
    Kung-Fu is a handy tea maker in the style of smart lab equipment. It is the golden size: One brew for exactly one cup, in a volume of 200 ml, perfect for taste control. The set includes the mini flask pot, glass core with silicone infuser, glass cup/cap, tea towel and soft travel bag.
  13. £33.00
    The Darjeeling teapot is an elegant way to serve loose leaf tea, which continues to grow in demand amongst tea drinkers for an authentic tea experience. This glass teapot is crafted in an elegant bubble shape and will beautifully display the delicate tea colours of the infusion process. This teapot is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a stainless steel infuser and lid. Capacity: 4-Cup/1000ml/35fl oz.
  14. £27.00
    A beautiful glass bubble shape, the Darjeeling teapot from La Cafetiere has effortless elegance. Visually striking while brewing, the glass design means you can admire the swirling colours of delicate teas and clearly see when it has infused to your taste, so you always pour at the perfect moment. Made from handmade borosilicate glass with stainless steel infuser and lid. Measurements: 600ml/21 fl oz.
  15. £36.00
    One of the most popular La Cafetière models, this teapot has been styled in the newest on-trend metallic as part of this premium collection. This design is perfect for the contemporary tea drinker as it features a removable infuser, making it suitable for both loose leaf tea and tea bags. This beautifully curved Le Teapot has a luxury brushed gold finish frame with a glass body to view the delicate colours of the infusion process. Crafted in stainless steel with heat resistant borosilicate glass.
  16. Le Teapot 2 Cup Copper Infuser Teapot
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    The stylish Le Teapot never fails to impress with an elegant copper finish that really makes a statement. Great for both hot and cold drinks, it is easy to use and clean and has a heat-resistant glass beaker and a stainless steel frame. Also comes in brushed gold or silver. Capacity: 660ml.