Flavoured teas with predominantly citrus notes.

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    A festive blend of teas flavoured with orange oil, clove, cinnamon, ginger pieces and rose petals. Christmas in a cup.
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    This colourful blend offers a rainbow of flavours too. Sweet orange, fresh grapefruit and aromatic cherry notes are complemented by a hint of rose to create a sophisticated flavour.
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    The refreshing grapefruit citrus notes on a light rose tea base make this a delightful alternative for Earl Grey tea lovers. Grapefruit oil is one of the most expensive in the world currently. Its character is intriguing as it appeals to both the sweet and sour taste receptors at once, giving the brain a challenge of what to make of it! The underlying rich, sweet flavour of the rose petal scented black teas make the flavour as complex as a top perfume, with notes from low to high.
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    Lemon and tea are perfect partners. This combination would go very well alongside an afternoon tea or a slice of cake. It is rich and cleansing at the same time.
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    Mandarin is a sweet, highly perfumed, citrus fruit that works extremely well with the delicate flavours of tea. Although a relative of the orange it is much more fragrant, with floral notes predominant over citrus ones.
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    Sweet oil of orange adds a refreshing quality to the light blend of malty, fruity black tea.
  7. Star of the Orient Flavoured Black Tea
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    We use the finest, high grown jasmine black tea from the Fujian province as the base and blend with other traditional scented black teas osmanthus and rose, with a dash of sweet orange oil. The tea is a lovely accompaniment to spicy food or with a slice of toast and marmalade!