1. £13.00
    Immerse yourself in this best selling fantastical mixed forest fruits fragrance, evocative of all that is magical, mystical and marvellous in a world where imagination is king.
  2. Alice's 'Down the Rabbit Hole' Candle
    Out of stock
    Join us for a trip down the rabbit hole with this delightfully distinctive fragrance, bringing a wealth of Carroll's most iconic characters straight into your living room for your delectation and delight with it's fragrance of petrichor, the unique quality of fresh rain falling on the summer soil.
  3. £13.00
    Enjoy losing yourself in this most divine of fragrances. Drink Me is bursting at the seams with a beautiful berry base and light fruity fragrance. Good enough to eat (or drink).
  4. Alice's 'Tea Party' Candle
    Out of stock
    You are cordially invited to join the maddest of hatters for this most salubrious of occasions. Tea party transports you to a land of curious companions and tantalizing tea time treats with it's fragrance of lemon drizzle cake, Earl Grey tea and cucumber sandwiches.
  5. £13.00
    Lose yourself in this most verdant of fragrances with top notes of fresh cut grass and a flourish of floral finesse to complete your journey through this wondrously, whimsical adventure.