A selection of our unique herbal blends, made in the shop with ingredients that are believed to have a beneficial effect when drunk.

  1. As low as £10.00
    Feng Shui has the goal to create harmony between human beings and their surroundings. Each ingredient in our herb tea blend represents an element of Feng Shui principals regarding shape and colour which is rounded off with the balance of delicious natural flavours, strawberry and bergamot.
  2. As low as £10.00
    What feels better than a good night’s sleep with a few pleasant dreams to remember in the morning? The secret to sleeping well eludes many of us but herbalists have long recommended the ingredients in this blend to aid relaxation, reduce stress and enable rest. We’ve combined valerian root, passion flower, lime flower, rose, lavender, camomile, tulsi, St. John’s Wort and brought a harmony to the flavour with wild cherry oil. INGREDIENTS: valerian root, passion flower, lime flower, rose, lavender, camomile, tulsi, fennel, St. John’s Wort, fennel and flavouring.
  3. As low as £10.00
    This is a wonderfully sweet, fruity combination of flavours including strawberries, fresh oranges and mellow honey. A special highlight is brought about by the addition of Cui Min Quingshan and Yunnan Silver Bud Ya Bao two rare, Chinese white teas. Fennel is the predominant herb with candied pineapple lending a subtle sweetness, to the herbal components. The addition of the white tea buds means that it is not caffeine free, so the blend gives a little boost of energy.
  4. As low as £11.00
    We've loaded this blend with every herb that is associated with boosting the immune system. The ingredients have a pleasant flavour, with the sweet, spicy notes of moringa, the green tea-like taste of mulberry, and lemon verbena combining deliciously. These flavours are complemented with ginger and cinnamon and finished with a dash of natural lemon oil.
  5. As low as £10.00
    A blend created with Ayurvedic principles. Composed of a complex mix of Indian herbs and spices it is designed to boost energy by restoring the body's natural equilibrium. It has a chai-like flavour and is great drunk alone but blends well with orthodox tea too.
  6. As low as £23.00
    The legendary Moringa tree originated in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range. It has long been used in Indian medicine and is known as the 'magic tree'. These "magic leaves"� taste fresh and mildly spicy with a pleasant sweet note, not dissimilar to Japanese green tea, Gyokuro. Moringa is full of nutrients, including 10% protein content, vitamins B6, C, B2, A, magnesium and iron. It also contains quercetin and chlorogenic acid. A delicious caffeine free alternative that refreshes but won't keep you awake at night.
  7. As low as £21.00
    This fresh, zesty, lemon tasting mint has a soothing, digestive and calming effect. Its active ingredients include eugenol, believed to kill bacteria and has been shown to calm muscles and numb tissues. It also contains tannins that contribute to its antiviral effects, as well as terpenes that add to its soothing effect. It is also used as an anxiolytic, mild sedative or calming agent. At least one study has found it to be effective at reducing stress, although the study's authors call for further research. The leaves have a gentle lemon scent, related to mint. Its flavour comes from citronella, geranial, linalyl acetate and caryophyllene.
  8. As low as £10.00
    This blend of herbs is thought to help with detoxing. The main components are nettle leaf, spearmint, rose and mulberry. Fennel seeds add a gentle sweetness to the flavour and are thought to be a digestive. The cleansing, citrus quality of natural mandarin oil adds to the feeling of purification this blend seeks to evoke.
  9. As low as £10.00
    This blend of efficacious herbs is thought to help with relaxation, de-stressing and meditation. It has a soothing but uplifting character with the balm mint lending a natural lemon flavour to a rich infusion that carries notes of green tea and summer meadows from the moringa leaf. We add a hint of strawberry to suggest a sweet quality to the flavour.
  10. As low as £9.00
    A morning wake up call with a blend of mallow, strawberry leaf, peppermint, ribwort, lime blossom, lemon-grass, sunflowers, green yerbamaté, fennel and liquorice. To put an extra spring in your step try mixing it with the Tea of Life. Yerbamaté is a source of caffeine and although in a very low percentage in this mix should be avoided if sensitive to caffeine.
  11. As low as £9.00
    At the end of the day this soothing blend of herbs will help you unwind. A mixture of mallow, strawberry leaves, peppermint, limetree blossom, lavender, sage and cornflowers.
  12. As low as £10.00
    This blend of herbs designed to help bring about rest and relaxation is perfect during stressful days or to help you wind down in the late evening. We love its mild but refreshing flavour. The blend has a mellow, minty lemon flavour and can be enjoyed just for its own sake! Have you tried sweetening herbal tea with natural liquorice root or Stevia leaf?
  13. As low as £11.00
    We have blended a number of herbs and spices associated with useful nutritional value and invigorating flavours and fragrances. The two M's of moringa and mulberry form the heart of the blend also with turmeric. Moringa is known as the 'magic tree'. Whilst much research is being conducted to prove their medicinal value, all of the herbs and spices combine to make a great flavour, which we enhance with a touch of refreshing, sweet, natural pineapple flavour.
  14. As low as £10.00
    A female tonic designed to uplift you on tiring days. The blend of orange peels, cinnamon pieces, liqourice root, cardamon, ginger roots, angelica, dandelion root, cloves and juniper berries also has a delicious flavour.