1. £8.00
    A classic, mesh tea strainer with winged handles and a drip tray, made from stainless steel.
  2. £7.00
    This stainless steel infuser which will fit into most standard mugs, can also be used as a tea strainer and measures 68mm in diameter.
  3. £8.00
    'Classic Two' Tea Strainer and Drip Tray
  4. Flask+ Tea Infuser
    Out of stock
    This cool Flask Infuser is a science gadget to create a perfect cup of tea, steep at just the right temperature for just the right time to fully enhance the flavour of tea. Be a chemist and bring exciting experiments into your favourite mug!
  5. £9.00
    This porcelain tea strainer with a stainless steel insert is the authentic article for use when drinking tea in the 'Gong Fu' style. It is almost lily pad shaped in style.
  6. £12.00
    An essential for tea lovers, this tea strainer is a sleek piece for catching tea leaves when enjoying loose leaf tea. The strainer includes a drip bowl to rest it on after use for no mess. Crafted in stainless steel with a luxury gold finish, this tea accessory has a soft-touch handle and is embossed with the La Cafetière logo.