If you prefer to use a loose leaf tea for its superior flavour and as an environmentally friendly option you might like to use a strainer or infuser. We have a large selection to choose from.

  1. £7.00
    A classic, mesh tea strainer with winged handles and a drip tray, made from stainless steel.
  2. £7.00
    This stainless steel infuser which will fit into most standard mugs, can also be used as a tea strainer and measures 68mm in diameter.
  3. £7.00
    A 6cm diamteter tea infuser made from stainless steel mesh. The top screws to the bottom basket and can be suspended from the chain in a mug or tea pot.
  4. £7.00
    Made from stainless steel. A solid shelled tea infuser suitable for mugs and tea pots.
  5. £11.00
    Red elephant motif tea infuser with plastic rest/ drip catcher, individually packaged in a gift box.
  6. £6.00
    A stainless steel mesh tea infuser on a chain decorated with a teapot ornament. The hand painted red teapot has an elephant motif.
  7. Blanca Porcelain Tea Infuser
    Out of stock
    This creamy white, traditionally glazed lidded tea infuser has a stainless steel strainer in the infuser body. It will fit into many mugs or tea glasses for an elegant solution to making loose leaf tea.
  8. Brew It Teal Coffee and Tea Infuser
    Out of stock
    A teal infuser designed for tea and coffee. Ditch the instant, fresh coffee is now just as easy. The award-winning Brew It Stick infuser has been specifically designed for those who want the convenience of instant coffee but the taste of fresh coffee. This one cup coffee infuser allows everyone to enjoy freshly brewed coffee quickly with no mess thanks to the included drip pot. The perfect coffee gadget for home, the office coffee rounds and those outdoor adventures.
  9. £7.00
    'Classic Two' Tea Strainer and Drip Tray
  10. £6.00

    A classic tea strainer made from stainless steel with a handle that allows it to be hung on a hook.

  11. £12.00
    The Elixir+ glass tea stick is an elegant and eminently functional tea infuser that helps you to make a nice cup of tea and have a more enjoyable drinking experience combining both convenience and trendy style. Made of borosilicate glass, silicone and beech wood.
  12. £6.00
    A stainless steel mesh tea infuser on a chain decorated with a little black cat ornament.
  13. £11.00
    This blue cat motif teapot style floating tea ball comes with plastic rest/ drip catcher and comes packaged in a gift box.
  14. £12.00
    This cool Flask Infuser is a science gadget to create a perfect cup of tea, steep at just the right temperature for just the right time to fully enhance the flavour of tea. Be a chemist and bring exciting experiments into your favourite mug!
  15. £22.00
    This beautiful, partly hand-painted ceramic character fashioned like a Geisha comes in exquisite packaging. It resembles a Russian doll in someways except it's secret isn't another doll inside but a stainless steel infuser. The head of the figure enables the infuser to float in the cup whilst brewing and when removed the body becomes the drip tray and rest.
  16. £8.00
    A very fine, gold mesh makes this strainer suitable for both coffee and tea.