1. As low as £30.00
    At Skybury Plantation, they grow Bourbon and Catuai varieties of Arabica Coffee. They have created a unique coffee wet processing which highlights the great taste of the coffee. Having one of the world's most sophisticated processing facilities, they can 'shape' the flavour of the coffee and achieve taste profile elements found in other processing styles, or create their own uniquely Australian style. With this 'Supreme' lot they have left a small amount of the mucilage on the beans by interrupting the fermentation process. Fermentation is followed by a high-speed wash which locks in flavour and allows the bean to absorb the remaining mucilage. When this coffee is roasted, the mucilage 'caramelises' and releases a sweet, chocolatey flavour. It is a light-bodied coffee and slightly lower in caffeine than average. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster.
  2. As low as £23.00
    Hawaiian coffee can only be called Pure Kona if it is grown on island's Gold Coast in Hawaii. Kona Gold is grown at high altitudes on the mountainous slopes of active volcanoes. The island's rich, volcanic soil lends an unmistakable character to what is regarded as the most beautiful coffee bean in the world. Although growing at a lower altitude than the world's other great coffees, the clouds that appear like clockwork each afternoon, plentiful rain, good shelter and the mineral-rich soil, more than compensate for this. What gives the coffee grown on this small estate the edge is that it is so carefully selected that workers can only harvest around twenty pounds of beans on a good day. This adds more expense to already high American labour prices but along with the equally impeccable processing, guarantees a smooth, rich body, sweet flavour with notes of tropical fruit and chocolate.
  3. As low as £11.00
    This coffee is produced from bushes transplanted from the famous Blue Mountains of Jamaica. As such it is a very refined, smooth coffee with complex aromatics that include cedar, ginger, spice, nutmeg and chocolate. It is more full-bodied than its prestigious cousin and offers up a very syrupy quality in the cup. The mountainous, moist cultivation area has loamy soil and a variety of native shade trees. Korofeigu Farmer's Cooperative Society is located in the Bena Bena valley of the Eastern Highlands between Goroka to the west and Henganofi to the east. The Coop is comprised of 97 members (some of whom are seen above near a nursery), with a total cultivation area of 112 hectares.
  4. As low as £13.00
    This new Sumatran coffee was scored a whopping 83 by the independent coffee graders of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), higher than most non-decaffeinated speciality coffees! With notes and aromatics of chocolate, pineapple, brown sugar, lemongrass and berry, the only thing you’re not losing is sleep! The concept was created to fund protection of the forests in Sumatra where this coffee is grown. 70% of the smallholder households there are women producers. Rahmah, Chairwoman of KOPEPI talked to this nature of maintaining flavour profile “As you may be aware, coffee from our region is never consistent due to many factors such as altitude, variety, microclimate, harvest time, etc. So, we need to have many farms to make it consistent."
  5. As low as £40.00
    This is one of the rarest coffees in the world and is certified 100% wild Kopi Luwak coffee. Our supplier uses an accredited certification standard for wild, ethically-sourced Kopi Luwak in consultation with leading proponents of animal welfare, the World Animal Protection organization and food-certification experts. This rare coffee is selected and partially processed by a civet. In actual fact, the civet eats the ripe cherries from bushes growing wild in the rainforest where its digestive juices do the job of removing the fruit from the pulp and silver skin that surrounds the coffee bean. It has a full, heavy almost syrupy body, low acidity, with notes of chocolate, caramel, molasses, hazelnut, fig and dates. It is very, very smooth.
  6. As low as £11.00
    This complex coffee is sourced from the Arinagata Cooperative, a collection serving 2,000+ small hold farmers who grow coffee in the Aceh rainforest at altitudes up to 5,500 feet. The co-op is an organic and Fairtrade certified Gayo Arabica coffee producer and exporter. The flavours in the cup are herbal, grapefruit, cherry, chocolate, walnut, white grape, vanilla, apricot and spice. It has a syrupy richness, exquisite flavour and the native volcanic soil gives it a rich, silky character. It is, deservedly, among the most famous coffees in the world. The Gayo 1 coffee varietal is unique to Indonesia.