Artisan Chocolate

We have the pleasure of adding single-origin chocolate bars to our selection of tea and coffee. They are artisan made with one brand, Duffy's Chocolate, being one of the few 'bean-to-bar' chocolatiers in the country. His chocolate is renowned worldwide yet is made in our home county of Lincolnshire. Chocolate compliments both tea and coffee. What will your favourite pairing be?

  1. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 66% dark chocolate with powerful cocoa tones and hints of tropical fruit and banana.
  2. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 31% milk chocolate with pure caramel. Indulgent, smooth and rich.
  3. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 45% milk chocolate with strong cocoa tones, a creamy, mild texture and notes of caramel.
  4. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 61% dark chocolate with notes of citrus, caramel and red fruit notes.
  5. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 35% white chocolate with floral hints and notes of vanilla, dried fruits and malt.
  6. £6.00
    This artisan made 'bean to bar', milk chocolate is made with Ecuadorian "Nacional" beans. Complex floral notes with hints of biscuit, caramel, nuts and spice can be found in the 43% cacao content.
  7. £6.00
    This artisan made 'bean to bar', dark chocolate is made with Ecuadorian "Nacional" beans. This floral luxury chocolate is not at all bitter whilst hints of hazelnuts, orange blossom & allspice can be found in the 72% cacao content.
  8. £6.00
    Deep, warm flavours with hints of citrus, raisins & coffee.
  9. £6.00

    Dark Belgian chocolate enrobed coffee beans. These delicious snacks pack a double whammy of the delicious, moreish flavour of coffee and chocolate plus a real caffeine kick! Don't eat them all at once unless you plan to stay up all night!


    Contains MILK

  10. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 70% dark chocolate with floral tones and flavours of red wine, dark cherry and spice.
  11. £6.00
    This 'bean to bar' chocolate is made from fine organic "Hispaniola" cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. Hints of tangy pineapple, sweet strawberries with green tea in the aftertaste can be found in the 65% light and fruity cacao content.
  12. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 70% dark chocolate with notes of red fruit, banana, rum, spice and liquorice.
  13. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 39% milk chocolate with hints of caramel, biscuit and honey.
  14. £6.00
    Tasting Notes: 40% milk chocolate with tones of red fruits, chestnut and fudge.
  15. Grenada Belmont Estate 45% Milk Chocolate
    Out of stock
    A rich milk chocolate with notes of dark fruit and caramel. This is a limited edition bar - Duffy made about 350 of them and has no more beans.
  16. £7.00
    This 'bean to bar' dark chocolate is made with rare 'Xoco Criollo' beans from Guatemala. A hint of honey, blackcurrant, sweet currants, tangy orange, raisin & coffee with an earthiness and peppery spice finish in the 70% cocoa content.