1. £33.00
    Glass 2 piece coffee maker for 8 cups with glass handle. Paper filters sold separately
  2. Kinto Brass Slow Coffee Brewer Set
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    This top of the range Slow Coffee brewer from Kinto in blasted brass adds vintage style. Just turn the knob to adjust the height of the stand and brew into any mug or server. Functionality is essential to the design of all items; the serving spout pours smoothly without spills and the stainless steel titanium coated filter prevents coffee oils from staining. It also extracts more coffee oil, which is the source of the rich taste and aroma of coffee.Made from Walnut, Brass, glass and Titanium coated Stainless Steel.

  3. £14.00

    This Slow Coffee Style Jug helps you brew the perfect cup every time. Place the porcelain or plastic brewer on the jug and enjoy the rich aroma of freshly brewing coffee. The beautiful heat-resistant transparent glass lets you watch your coffee slowly drip. The helpful dot printed on the jug measures the perfect amount of water for a divine cup of coffee. It can be used with any Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brewer and especially suits the OCT 2 Cup style. It holds up to 450ml to the brim.

  4. £156.00

    The brewer stand set intrigues with its rough look. It comes with a brewer stand made by casting, porcelain brewer, paper filters, server, and holder. The stand is designed so that you can use it with a scale to measure the amount of dripped coffee. The height of the stand can be adjusted, letting you use it with various vessels from a mug to a tall server. The design of the stand's ring seems simple, yet the inner side is edged so that the brewer fits stably. The white dots on the glass server indicate the amount of dripped coffee, and the holder can be used to place the filter after use. This is the 4 cup size

  5. £35.00
    Ideal for coffee enthusiasts, this expert coffee set will provide delicious and flavourful drip filter coffee with ease. Simply add coffee grounds to the filter, place over the glass carafe and pour over boiling water. The water will drip down in a slow process that will make every sip of coffee rich with complex flavours. A double walled glass design means the carafe will be a comfortable temperature to the touch with a spout for easy serving. The fine mesh stainless steel filter ensures no filter paper is needed for this process.
  6. £39.00
    Every coffee farmer I've ever met has said that the best method to discover the complete flavour of coffee is by drip filter or a jug and strainer. Here's a gadget that encompasses the best of both ways. Simply place the ground coffee in the hi-tech double skinned stainless steel mesh, so no need for filter papers and slowly pour on the water.
  7. Mico Drip Brew Coffee Set
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    Mico is a new set of lab gear for your coffee experiments. It's a simple & eminently functional pour over coffee maker that is all about good coffee.
  8. Mico-Ice Cold Brew Coffee Set
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    Mico-Ice is a new set of lab gear for your coffee experiments. Firstly let's say you can also make hot coffee with this using the slow pour over method. It's a simple & eminently functional pour over coffee maker that is all about good coffee. It holds 450ml.
  9. £16.00
    OCT is a coffeeware collection featuring clean lines and beautiful contours designed by Kinto of Japan. The handle of the jug looks geometrical and is comfortable to hold. This is the suggested companion piece for the OCT 4 Cup Slow Coffee brewer. It is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass.

  10. £68.00
    The syphon method has been a round for a long time and has now made a resurgence as people look for better ways to attain the perfect cup of coffee. Two glass globes one sitting on top of the other have a re-usable filter between them to prevent coffee grounds returning to the bottom pot. Water in the lower globe is forced through heat into the upper globe where the ground coffee is contained. Heat removal after brewing will create a vacuum, thereby drawing coffee back into the lower globe.