Taiwan produces green teas but most of the best leaf is used to make its world-beating oolong teas. However, when we find types of green tea that only Taiwan can offer we buy them eagerly. We are pleased to offer a couple of distinctive teas that are amongst the best green teas grown anywhere in the world

  1. As low as £16.00
    Our Gabalong is made with high-quality green tea to guarantee maximum GABA content, twice the requirement to be classified as such a tea. This batch has a mild, almost creamy character with a distinctive, natural mango fragrance. Made from tea leaves picked and processed into green tea on Ali Shan, or 'Ancestor Mountain' as it is known. Proven to lower blood pressure it should not be drunk by those with a clinical diagnosis of low blood pressure.
  2. As low as £17.00
    A new, deliciously sweet-flavoured green tea made by hand in beautiful Sansia, Taiwan. A real rarity but more highly valued for its qualities in the cup. It is full of tea pleasure, the infusion is honey green colour, its taste is fresh, sweet, creamy, natural with hints of ripe mango. For those looking for a high-quality green tea with lots of goodness, it is time to try our newest arrival.