Ancestor Mountain Gabalong Green Tea
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Our Gabalong is made with high-quality green tea to guarantee maximum GABA content, twice the requirement to be classified as such a tea. This batch has a mild, almost creamy character with a distinctive, natural mango fragrance. Made from tea leaves picked and processed into green tea on Ali Shan, or 'Ancestor Mountain' as it is known. Proven to lower blood pressure it should not be drunk by those with a clinical diagnosis of low blood pressure.
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This batch of very high-quality green tea has a mild, almost creamy character with a distinctive mango fragrance and is grown on the beautiful Ali (Ancestor) Mountain amongst orchards and pine trees. The special Gabalong process removes all astringency from the tea leaving a smooth aftertaste in the mouth. It has almost twice as much GABA content than that which is required to be classified as Gaba tea. The special processing of Gabalong tea raises the levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid up to ten times that found in other high-quality teas. It is GABA that is allegedly so good for us. Among its well researched alleged benefits are lowering of blood pressure (do not take if you have clinically low hypotension), and prevention of cell mutation. Increases levels of human growth hormone, which can help burn fat, eliminate cellulite, improve energy levels, cardiac output, skin elasticity, memory, endurance and bone mass. Taken one hour before bedtime it enables a deeper sleep and aids relaxation. It is a very good cure for a hangover! In Japan, it is taken as part of the diet and is also given to children to stimulate mental alertness. The best news still, is that it tastes delicious!

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Leaf GradeHandmade Curly
StrengthLight Green Tea
Use Milk?No
Brew Time2 mins
Water Temperature70-85 c
Number of Infusions1-3