What's in a name? Well, as far as tea goes it has come to mean an infusion of almost any leaf, fruit or flower in water. In this category, you will find what we might choose to describe as 'real' or 'traditional' tea, derivatives of the plant known as Camellia Sinensis, rubbing shoulders with herbal and flowers alike. The major difference between 'real' tea and these equally delicious alternatives, apart from the flavour, is caffeine content. 

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  1. As low as £17.00
    A special blend of three of the world's best black teas that have a unique flavour profile that give the infusion a natural taste of wild honey. Malt, spice, fruit, honeysuckle, peach, nectarine and chocolate notes are among the many that compete for recognition as the tea reveals its character seemingly in waves upon the tongue.
  2. As low as £8.00
    A festive blend of teas flavoured with orange oil, clove, cinnamon, ginger pieces and rose petals. Christmas in a cup.
  3. As low as £8.00
    Evocative of all the good things in life (French macarons, nougat, Bakewell tart..) the addition of almond oil to malty black tea creates a flavour combination similar to chocolate macaroons.
  4. As low as £17.00
    Our Gabalong is made with high-quality green tea to guarantee maximum GABA content, twice the requirement to be classified as such a tea. This batch has a mild, almost creamy character with a distinctive, natural mango fragrance. Made from tea leaves picked and processed into green tea on Ali Shan, or 'Ancestor Mountain' as it is known. Proven to lower blood pressure it should not be drunk by those with a clinical diagnosis of low blood pressure.
  5. As low as £30.00
    This high grown, hand picked tea is grown on the Ali Mountain in central Taiwan. The special processing that increases the health giving Gamma Amino Butyric Acid content also changes the flavour of this tea too. It is very soft and mellow with a honey like quality that, health benefits aside, make it worthwhile drinking. To qualify as being a 'gabaron' tea and to give the required recommended dosage it must have 150mg per 100g of GABA, this contains over twice that amount.
  6. Anji Bai Cha King April Snow Green Tea
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    Grown in a remote mountain area near the Bamboo forest featured in the film 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', this is currently the most sought after tea in China, where most of it is kept because it is considered to be unique. It is grown from cuttings of one of the only four surviving giant white tea trees. Whilst it is a 'White' tea it is processed as a green tea. This gives it a deeper flavour than Yin Zhen for example. The leaf looks slim and feather like with an almost white colour just prior to picking in the spring. This is expressed as the distinctive pale yellow-green in the dry leaf, not the more usual green seen in most green teas and in lower grades of Anji. It has a wonderful fragrance and pale lemon, crystal clear liquor. We buy the finest grade, which has more amino acids than other green teas and the best flavour we have experienced in any green or white tea.
  7. As low as £8.00
    The sweet, fresh flavour of apple is perfectly balanced to the mellow, light bodied black tea, which has gentle hints of malt, caramel, flowers and fruit.
  8. As low as £8.00
    The delightful combination of apricot and ceylon tea is a real winner in the cup. It yields a sweet, fruity, slightly tart flavour that works really well as an afternoon tea.
  9. As low as £5.00
    This is our, and possibly the world's, strongest tea! Intense, hefty yet surprisingly smooth. It has a doughy note to its aroma with a heavy, malty, spicy taste. It brews very quickly and to a gloriously deep red colour.
  10. As low as £17.00
    This batch has a delicate leaf appearance with beautiful golden tips and plenty of tiny, downy hairs. In the cup it is big, smooth, with fine notes of malt, red wine, rose and sweet currant. Hattiali is an estate with a century-old tradition of excellence. The name Hattiali is derived from the Assamese words "Hatti Alli", meaning literally the elephant is coming down the road, so called on account of a neighbouring elephant camp.
  11. As low as £11.00
    This garden produces many of the best tasting teas in Assam and this exquisite batch is no exception. It has a creamy, delicious malty flavour with hints of dark chocolate, caramel, rose, dates and a sweet honey-like finish. Like the finest 2nd Flush teas from Darjeeling, there are notes of muscatel, citrus and cinnamon. It has a lighter, golden colour not found in many Assam teas and is, unusually for an Assam, very drinkable without milk. This tea was previously listed as Marangi.
  12. As low as £10.00
    The Halmari garden produces many of the best tasting teas in Assam and this exquisite batch is no exception. It has a creamy, delicious malty flavour with hints of dark beer, spice and treacle with a hoppy, orange rind finish. This tea is picked at the peak of the summer season and carries the fine flavour the garden is noted for but at a reasonable price due to the slightly lower content of tips in the finished batch.
  13. As low as £6.00
    This is strong, full-bodied tea with excellent maltiness and rich colour, perfect for an early morning pick-me-up. The aftertaste is nuanced with a refreshing citrus sensation due to the high proportion of tips.This tea was previously listed as Zaloni.
  14. As low as £15.00
    Malty, unctuous character, luscious body, notes of cocoa, cinnamon, currants, black treacle, laurel, fresh peppercorn, stewed fruits and real ale mark this out as one of Assam's 'Supreme' teas.
  15. As low as £9.00
    Decaffeinated using the safe method of CO2, which also leaves more of the flavour quality in the leaf. Made with a good quality Assam broken leaf it is carefully worked to ensure the preservation of the golden tips before being safely decaffeinated. This decaffeinated-tea makes a very authentic cup of tea with a smooth but sufficiently malty and robust quality with a hint of chocolate.
  16. As low as £18.00
    This very distinctive tea grown in the renowned Itakhooli garden is made from a clonal bush known as K1. It is unique for its natural hint of fresh raspberry flavour and aroma. When taken builder's style with creamy milk and two sugars, it is almost like having a scone, cream and jam! One of my favourite teas of the year for breakfast toast and jam or afternoon tea accompaniment. It has a beautiful tippy appearance which helps to deliver a rich, sappy infusion that is very smooth. Previously listed as Itakhooli.