One of the most well known Chinese teas, the best of which comes from the Fujian Province. During what can be an almost week-long production in the finest varieties, the tea leaves are layered with jasmine blossoms, which open up at night to permeate the tea with their perfume. The higher the quality the more times this is repeated, with more care taken to remove the blossom from the finished tea.

  1. Blue Jasmine Flowering Green Tea
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    This flowering tea is composed of blue butterfly flowers, which slowly turn the infusion a green-blue as the green tea leaves unfurl to reveal jasmine and butterfly blossoms amidst the green tea bouquet. They were created originally as a tribute to the great mountains where the tea gardens are found and are made with great skill and care by hand. The real dried flowers reveal themselves dramatically and gracefully when infused. They are also known as 'Blooming', 'Artistic' and 'Display' teas. Ours are made using the highest grade of silvery buds.
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    This is the finest grade of this popular hand-rolled tea. Each kilogram in weight is made up of 14,000 pearls. Just eight will make a half pint of tea and you can use the same leaves again for at least another brew. If you do the maths you'll find it works out at just six pence a cup for one of the finest and rarest teas in the world! The tea buds that make this tea are hand-picked in gardens found among the chains of mountains, hidden in mist close to the Fujian border with Jiangxi. Each leaf is skillfully hand rolled into a tiny pearl size ball. The tea is then wrapped in silk mesh and carefully dried.
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    This tea is made with high-quality handmade white tea known as White Monkey. Its mellow quality is enhanced by the sweet, fragrant character of jasmine blossom. We requested that some blossoms were left in to add to the lovely appearance of this tea.
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    The best grade of Jasmine tea available, grown in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Fujian. A very delicate leaf that gives an exquisite infusion.
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    This is a high grade of cooked loose leaf Pu Erh Gam Fei Cha from 2010, handmade entirely from young shoots and scented with jasmine blossom. It is perfect for jasmine and Pu Erh tea fans alike but is also an opportunity for a gentle introduction to the unique flavour of Gam Fei Cha for novices.