Teas with predominantly floral notes.

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    This traditional blend of mellow black tea and rose petals, made in China, has been popular for centuries. Layers of freshly plucked petals are sandwiched between layers of tea to impart their exotic perfume.
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    This is a beautifully fragrant tea, both for the addition of elderflower and the natural, honey-muscatel, rose like tones of the Darjeeling tea used. The elderflower character shares many fragrant compounds with other essences such as neroli, rose and linalool and its perfume evokes the start of a perfect English summer.
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    Prized since Roman times for its calming properties, lavender makes a wonderful soothing partner to the tea in this blend.
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    Floral, heady and poetic, this tea is one to savour and relax with. It contains maracuja, peach, rose and apricot oils and is packed full of flower petals so is a delight to look at as well as drink.
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    The addition of rose oil to soft black tea makes a more intensley flavoured version of the classic China Rose. It is a perfumed, elegant drink which can be enjoyed with or without milk.
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    This passionate blend of wild cherry, mango, strawberry and scented flowers have the desired effect upon the palate! The complex fragrance and flavours appeal to the senses and leave a lingering, sweet aftertaste.
  7. Star of the Orient Flavoured Black Tea
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    We use the finest, high grown jasmine black tea from the Fujian province as the base and blend with other traditional scented black teas osmanthus and rose, with a dash of sweet orange oil. The tea is a lovely accompaniment to spicy food or with a slice of toast and marmalade!
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    The sweetly perfumed, floral infusion will evoke the memory of childhood sweets, Parma Violets! The intensely aromatic oil of violet blossoms have long been used as a flavouring and in perfume with Shakespeare describing the scent as 'Forward, not permanent; sweet, not lasting. The perfume and suppliance of a minute.' The sweet tasting infusion certainly lingers long enough on the palate to be savoured.
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    The sweet smell of the wild cherry evokes the famous display of spring blossom in Japan. It is a fragrance that captures the floral notes of the blossom and the ripe, sweet yet slightly tart note of the fruit.