Ecuador Arriba Milk Chocolate Buttons 39% 200g
Tasting Notes: 39% milk chocolate with hints of caramel, biscuit and honey.
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In stock

Arriba's story goes back to the 19th century: one day, a Swiss chocolatier navigating along the Guayas River in Ecuador encountered a unique cocoa species. This cocoa is a Nacional variety with unique aromas was quickly named Arriba, after the region where it grows. It is still an extremely sought-after type of cocoa, yielding an exceptionally intense taste with complex aromas. Made using Trinitario beans, the taste is very well-rounded with plenty of creaminess and notes of caramel, biscuit and honey. 

Pairs well with Nepal Pure Moon, Honey Hon Cha, Yunnan Gold, Milk & Two and Vitalitea from our herbal range. 

Matched with Galapagos San Cristobal coffee.

A delicious hot chocolate can be prepared by adding 25g of chocolate to 150ml of your milk of choice (or to your own taste) and microwaving for a couple of minutes, stopping to stir after 1 minute. If you want to create a frothy version simply shake in a securely lidded shaker or used a milk steamer if you have one.

As the drink is made with pure chocolate there should be no need to sweeten, whether you like milk or dark chocolate.

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