Earl Grey Gunpowder Green Tea
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The fresh green tea flavour is balanced by the fragrant, zest of pure bergamot oil.
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The robust green tea flavour is balanced by the pure bergamot oil. Gunpowder is perhaps the most famous of China's green teas due to its evocative appearance! Ours is the finest grade of this pellet shaped leaf and when infused unfurls into large, tender tea leaves. A fresh, healthy and refreshing brew. No one is sure who created the original Earl Grey blend or indeed what it was like but we are confident that our use of the genuine, highest quality ingredients will make you feel that you have only really now discovered the real Earl Grey yourself. There are many legends and myths surrounding the origin of this famous tea and as many original recipes! One thing is certain it is a blend of tea and oil of bergamot. Ah, but which tea!? We think we've got most of them covered! To make matters more confusing which bergamot oil? Most manufacturers don't even use the real thing, opting for an artificial variation. Rest assured we use only the best quality cold pressed oil, whatever the blend.

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Leaf GradeHandmade Curly
StrengthStrong Green Tea
Use Milk?No
Brew Time2 mins
Water Temperature80-90 c
Number of Infusions1-2