St. Helena Napoleon's Valley Coffee
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Currently the most expensive coffee in the world but it's not only the supply and logistical issues that raise the price of this special coffee. Its unique flavour offers up mocha, ripe berries, chocolate and red wine.
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This is a very difficult coffee to place both geographically, it being in the Atlantic Ocean, and also for its flavour characteristics. It owes something to the bold acidity and clean, bright flavours of the finest high grown African coffees whilst exhibiting the intriguing fragrances of Arabian Mocha, with hints of ripe berries and chocolate. The islanders have dedicated themselves to reviving one of the world's most famous coffees, not least because of its connection to well known coffee addict Napoleon, who even on his deathbed begged for a last spoonful of this deservedly esteemed brew! Its value comes partly from its scarcity but also due to the hazardous conditions, ships are unable to dock at the island and the sacks have to be hoisted aboard!

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