Brazil Ouro Verde Dark Chocolate Buttons 66% 200g
Tasting Notes: 66% dark chocolate with powerful cocoa tones and hints of tropical fruit and banana.
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In stock

Made with cocoa from the Amazon and Bahia. Tasting the single origin Brazil dark chocolate, is like indulging in a waterfall of intense cocoa flavours, intensified with amazing bitters and refreshing sours. The result is a wonderfully complex chocolate with powerful cocoa chords and bitter notes and hints of tropical fruit and banana. They soon make space for a wave of fresh, fruity and acid flavours that linger on for minutes. For this dark couverture chocolate, selected cocoa varieties grown in the lush green Ouro Verde plantation amidst the Atlantic forests of Bahia bordering the coast and rare Trinitario varieties from the Amazon basin are used. 

Pairs well with Honey Hon Cha, Japan Benifuuki Black or Green, Orange Tea, Redbush Citrus, Almond Tea. 

Matched with Brazilian Ipanema coffee.

A delicious hot chocolate can be prepared by adding 25g of chocolate to 150ml of your milk of choice (or to your own taste) and microwaving for a couple of minutes, stopping to stir after 1 minute. If you want to create a frothy version simply shake in a securely lidded shaker or used a milk steamer if you have one.

As the drink is made with pure chocolate there should be no need to sweeten, whether you like milk or dark chocolate.

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