Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe Wuyi Oolong
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The most renowned of the four famous 'Rock' teas of the Wuyi Mountain and one of the most highly prized of China's 'Famous Ten'. These ancient trees grow in the mineral-rich, sandy soil and yield just one pound of tea each. Believed to be one of the healthiest teas The infusion is golden coloured, with a rich, fruity fragrance and mellow, sweet taste that has a hint of apricots and a subtle aftertaste of toasted bread with Seville orange marmalade./p>

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Da Hong Pao, (Scarlet or Big Red Robe'), oolong tea is famous for its unique 'Wuyi Rock' floral fragrance and taste. One of the most expensive teas ever sold came from the 6 mother trees of Da Hong Pao, in Jiu Long Ke in Wuyi Shan city. There are actually three tea trees species there, namely Que She, Bei Dou, Qi Dan. In 2006, the Wuyishan Government stipulated that picking would henceforth be forbidden on the 6 mother trees. Hence, our Da Hong Pao is made from the cuttings from the mother trees (called pure Da Hong Pao). Other cheaper tea is blended tea (Rou Gui, Shui Xian and several other Wuyi teas to blend as commodity Da Hong Pao). This Da Hong Pao is made from the cuttings from the original mother trees of Qidan, which are genetically identical plants. Its rock tea taste and high floral aroma are most well-received by many tea drinkers who seek the pure Da Hong Pao. All of our Wuyi rock tea is baked extremely slowly by charcoal, and only arrives in the market in August of every year. So the new Wuyi rock tea still has a little bit of charcoal feeling in the taste. As the tea breathes, the charcoal aroma will disappear slowly and the tea's original taste and aroma will come out. The Wuyi Mountains of China Fujian Province are believed to be the birthplace of Oolong tea. These mountains, noted for their ninety nine steep, rugged cliffs and thirty six peaks are covered in tea plants and give the 'Famous Four Rock Teas' their name. The most famous cliff of all is Tianxin. Here can be found three large, red Chinese characters carved into the rock, signifying the home of Da Hong Pao or Scarlet Robe tea. It is one of the most famous of the ten famous teas. The trees are not fertilised or pruned and grow to about 20ft tall in the shallow, sandy soil which is fed by a slow running spring. The thick, tender, pinkish coloured buds are protected from the heat of the day by the shadows of the cliff. The prime grade is picked just once a year prior to the rainy season. It must be harvested by hand before dawn while the dew is still on the leaves. Each bush will yield just one pound of tea which will be ready to drink within 24 hours. In ancient China, at the beginning of the tea season, dignitaries and merchants rushed to buy the tea and bid the price up to high levels, even by present-day standards. Even now there is a great deal of excitement and ceremony on the day this tea is picked. There is much folklore about Da Hong Pao explaining the origins of its name and the extraordinary claims made about its health benefits, it was believed to cure all diseases. One saying goes: long ago an official with a life-threatening disease was sent the tea as a tribute from the monks of the Heavenly Mind Temple. After drinking the tea for some days he recovered and being so grateful went to burn incense at the cliff. He returned the tribute by laying his scarlet robe over the bushes, hence the name. The tea has a higher mineral content than other teas, perhaps the reason it is considered a healthy drink that can maintain health, aid recuperation and bring longevity. The infusion is golden coloured, with a fragrance and sweet taste that has a hint of apricots and an aftertaste of freshly toasted bread with Seville orange marmalade. All medium to high-roasted Wuyi rock tea can be stored for over 2-3 years.

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Leaf GradeHandmade Strip
StrengthMedium Oolong Tea
Use Milk?No
Brew Time2 mins
Water Temperature90-100 c
Number of Infusions1-3