Darjeeling Himalayan Pride Second Flush Black Tea
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A delicious early second flush tea with a freshness normally found in first flush Darjeeling and a 'Muscatel' perfume and flavour. The complex flavour runs the range from honey to soft fruits to rose, camellia and green apples. It is smooth and light bodied with a pale orange infusion.
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A delicious early second flush tea with a freshness, normally found in first flush Darjeeling, and the 'Muscatel' perfume and flavour found in the best second flush, summer teas. The fine 'Muscatel' fragrance of Second Flush, Summer Darjeeling, which is skilfully created from the select leaves that are bitten by little greenflies and enable the tea to carry complex flavours, reminiscent of honey, flowers and soft fruits is in balance with the green apple freshness. Only the finest summer pluckings are good enough to make this tea which is picked exclusively from old Chinese tea bushes at altitudes up to 7500ft. This uncompromising selection and a low yield guarantee of the highly remarkable quality we demand of our selection. An interesting attribute of the very best second flush teas is that they become even more delicious with time, maturing like a great red wine. The Margaret's Hope plantation which is between Darjeeling Town and Kurseong was named after the owner's daughter Margaret in the 1930's. She loved the garden very much. It grows only the old slow growing Chinese type bushes and with the cool mountain air is ideal for producing the very best second flush teas. The beautiful, undulating slopes are filled with tea bushes and present an enchanting spectacle. The teas we source are from gardens where sound social and environmental policies are in place. They belong to many associations including IMO, USDA Organic, India Organic, Ethical Tea Partnership, Fairtrade, UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance. DJ75-17MH

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StrengthMedium Strong, Flavoury Black Tea
Use Milk?Optional
Brew Time2-5 mins depending on milk usage
Water Temperature95-100 c depending on milk usage.
Number of Infusions1-2 depending on milk usage