Liu An Gua Pian Angel's Tears Green Tea
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As pure and sweet as its name would suggest, and the oldest of the 'Famous Ten' teas. The mist bound Inner mountain, Qi Tou produces the very best grade, with a lucid, bright infusion, high fragrance and long lasting aftertaste. It is usually picked around the 20th April. Its Chinese name, Guapian is due to the leaves resemblance to melon seeds. It is hand-picked and processed and is best made with filtered water in order to appreciate its strong aroma and fresh, green, clear liquor. It can be brewed several times, yielding a pure, sweet flavour like the tears of an angel.
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This tea, the oldest of the 'Tribute' teas, is uniquely made without buds and stems. The Inner mountain, Qi Tou produces the best, where there are steep cliffs, streams and valleys covered with mist and cloud all year round and rich and fertile soil. The leaf is covered with a frost of white hair. The very best grade, with a lucid, bright infusion, high fragrance and long lasting aftertaste, is usually picked around the 20th April. These carefully cut leaves are then pan-fired over low heat in very small amounts (100g) to ensure the highest quality. The leaves will be turned 841 times with a brush made from local weeds to create its special shape. There is a legend associated with the tea: Long, long ago a group of lady tea pickers went to pluck tea. One of them found there was a big tea tree at the entrance of a bat cave. The tea branches whose tea leaves were just picked would reproduce new leaves immediately. She continued until night and the tea tree was still full of fresh new leaves. The next morning she went to the tea tree at the entrance of the cave again, only to find the tea tree was gone. So it became regarded as a "Magical Tea"�. This famous green tea is produced in the Dabie Mountains in the west of Anhui Province, China. In this area the mountains are high, the gorges are deep and the soil is naturally very fertile. Liu An is the name of the producing area. The tea is made by hand using the long, tender, emerald green leaves at the tops of the tea bushes. Due to its appearance, it is given the name Gua Pian in Chinese, because it resembles the seeds of a watermelon. When the tea is made it sends forth a strong, fresh aroma. The colour of the infusion, when made with filtered water, is fresh, green and clear. The flavour is as pure and sweet as 'Angels Tears', lingering long on the palate. This shape, fragrance and taste are unique to the oldest of the 'Ten Famous' teas in China. It can be rebrewed a number of times before losing its flavour and vitality. A very purifying way to start or end the day. Like other green tea, it also has many health benefits, especially it is alleged to be particularly good to help digestion and skin conditions.

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Leaf GradeHandmade Strip
StrengthMedium Green Tea
Use Milk?No
Brew Time2 mins
Water Temperature75-85 c
Number of Infusions1-2