Mother's Time Black Tea Blend
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Whether its a one off gift for Mother's Day, or a daily reminder that you deserve the best of everything, this is the tea to drink! This is a tea to savour, whether as a treat for yourself or a gift from a loved one. It has an incredible, natural aroma so complex and beautiful it rivals anything that comes out of a parfumier's boutique. Notes floral, fruity, caramel, honey, frankincense, grape, bergamot, mint, nectarine, rose, muscatel and dark chocolate are some of the aromatics and flavours swirling around in the infusion.
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This is a tea to savour, whether as a treat for yourself or a gift from a loved one. The blend is made up of four of our best black teas from Taiwan and China. In a no expense spared blend we use a unique tea from the Phoenix Mountains for its complex flavour and astonishing, floral and fruity fragrance. Taiwan, which in my opinion produces the best black teas in the world now, provides a new variety that has a creamy, milk-like aroma, which complements the rich body and transfers into the flavour with a caramel taste, that holds hints of honey and frankincense. The famous Buddha's Hand variety gives a strong red grape aroma in the dry leaves with a raisin-like flavour in the cup that also carries subtle notes of bergamot and mint. It is rounded off with a favourite tea of mine that has an extraordinary aroma of honey and a flavour that hints at nectarine, rose, muscatel and dark chocolate. Combined together they make a fragrance as complex and beautiful as any that ever came out of a grand parfumier's laboratory.

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Leaf GradeHandmade Strip
StrengthMedium Strong, Flavoury Black Tea
Use Milk?Optional
Brew Time2-5 mins depending on milk usage.
Water Temperature100 c
Number of Infusions1