Ocean Yerbamate Ceramic Calabash
This is a ceramic version of the traditional calabash, made from a hollowed out gourd. Ceramic keeps the taste of mate pure and removes the concerns of mould often experienced when using a gourd. This is glazed in beautiful shades of ocean blue. Approx 250ml. Why not add one of our bombilla straws to complete your kit.
In stock
In stock

The calabash, traditionally made from a hollowed out gourd  has been the mate form par excellence for centuries and is still the number 1 drinking vessel in South America today. No wonder, it offers all the advantages of a perfect mate cup: it is shapely, fits well in the hand, is light and has an insulating
effect, which on the one hand prevents you from burning your fingers and on the other holds the temperature of your infusion. With this tried and tested natural mate cup, we took a look at manufacturing this minimalistic ceramic mate mug. With the aim of an easy-care alternative to the natural gourd offering with it the same advantages of the original.

The taste of the mate from this is clear and pure, unaffected by the ceramic mate mug. In contrast to the natural variant, one can not worry about mould, and also mix together mate and fruit juice.

They are made in a ceramics workshop in Leipzig. Each piece is uniquely handmade and deviates slightly from the picture.

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