Red Raspberry Leaf Herbal Tea
A caffeine free, refreshing infusion to enjoy anytime. A herb reputed to help women during the last two weeks of pregnancy. Its flavour is reminiscent of meadow grasses and black tea.
Red Raspberry Leaf tea is widely believed by herbalists to be beneficial for overall women's reproductive health. Used throughout history by midwives, and women who believe it to shorten labour if drunk during the last two weeks of pregnancy. It should only be used near term and under the supervision of a healthcare professional. It is naturally high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and C and B vitamins. It is also said to be wonderful after pregnancy to help with healing your body and to help with nursing. It has a flavour reminiscent of meadow flower grasses and black tea with a typical herbal quality. A dash of date syrup or raspberry coulis can also turn it into a healthy cocktail, enjoyed hot or cold. Have you tried sweetening herbal tea with natural liquorice root or Stevia leaf?

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Leaf GradeHerbal Leaf Cut
Use Milk?No
Brew Time6-12 mins
Water Temperature100 c
Number of Infusions1-2